Friday, March 13, 2015

Realistic Bodies in Books

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   Recently, I was reading "The Uglies." FANTASTIC book. Must read. Really.
It got me thinking, where are there some people who aren't perfect in weight or looks? I think it's important to have these characters, so we're not getting the fake idea that everyone is perfect. Because we're not. Especially in YA, because teenagers often feel out of place with their weight or height, looks in general. Here are some of my thoughts on characters who are not perfect.

  • Emma - This was an obvious one. Her story is a Cinderella spin-off. She eventually loses some of the weight when she picks up skating, but in the two earlier books, you notice she is out of breath when running, hiking, etc. Props to Mrs.Frederick for portraying that so well.
  • Jess - While with blonde hair and blue eyes, she was not an airhead or dumb. Enough said :)
The Uglies
  • Just the idea is amazing, that not everybody is born beautiful, if you're not you get a surgery to be beautiful. The concept is beyond unique.
  • You know I had to include this one. Hazel was not a supermodel, yet someone fell in love with her. *fangirl-swoon-cry*
That's it for today, but if you have any ideas comment!
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