Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Hey Guys!!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :D <3 So sorry for not posting again but I was one a vacation with my family and I didn't have a fully functioning computer :( So I'm going to be sharing my goals with you!! :D 

  1. Spend more time doing the important things, school, the Word, studying
  2. Less stress/time management
  3. Emotion control :[] I need to learn how to express myself in better and more healthy ways..
  4. Me time. I need time to think things through, have a little quiet time.
  5.  Blogging!!!! This is always a goal and hopefully I can achieve it!! <3 :D 
  6. Writing.. At least get half of a book finished.
  7. Inspire. Pretty self explanatory!
  8. Have a little more fun, while staying on track with my schoolwork.
  9. Enjoy life more..I need to do this :)
  10. Family time. I want to make this more important to me.
So that's it for my new years resolutions, and since I'm doing this on BOTH blogs, all of my viewers can participate in commenting below with your goals! Have a great day and have a great new year!!! :D
Lotsa Love and Keep Reading,
Jane Blogger/ Ari D