Friday, October 24, 2014

Random Fridays: Favorite Disney Characters

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma.
  This post is a little late,  but the host herself said it's okay for it to be late so here it is!!
My Number 1 Fave:

Ariel/ The Little Mermaid!!!! Her longing is so real and so touching :']
2. Rapunzel!!

Modern twist on a classic fairytale!! Um...duh?!
3. Who doesn't have an Olaf soft spot. Really though.

I want to meet Olaf!
4. Jasmine from Alladin

Elegant with attitude. She also knows what she wants which makes me very happy!
5. Hercules' Trainer. Chiron!(Not sure if that's the correct name)

Grumpy and funny. His voice reminds me of the "I'll give ya an offa ya can't refuse" guy's voice ;)

These are only some of my many Disney faves!!! I also love Elsa and snow white!! Make sure you participate because this was so fun!! :) Make sure you visit Emma's blog!
 Thank you for letting me participate!
- Jane/Ari