Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Update - Esther's Challenge

Hey! Sorry I havem't updated you with my challenge in a while. I finished Esther's challenge a couple of weeks ago but I have been cramming studying so I haven't uploaded anything! I feel really bad. i wrote in my journal but I never uploaded it here!!! I made a log, which helps. If you participated please email or comment a link! I'll surely post them soon I promise!!!!!!
SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way too long :D

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay...AGAIN!!! I am posting to say that I am writing a new story and it's realistic fiction. I haven't got everything together yet so if you have ideas please email me or comment!

 Also my review for Kitty Hawk is coming soon. I was invited by the same author to review an ebook :) I guess I'll be coming out with a review policy too :D

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