Saturday, July 5, 2014

Reviews Postponed

 Hi everyone! It's Jane here. I'm really sorry, but TFIOS and Charmed Life reviews will have to be postponed, due to another upcoming blog :) . You will be able to see it soon. It's under construction right now. I will be going to Maine for a vaycay! 

I actually always go to Maine, and it's an amazing place for a writer. It really is. But this is my first summer missing a blog! My first blog only really lasted like 3 months. Then I gave up because I had like 0 pageviews. But I like having my blogs now, it's really fun.

Okay, Jane, focus. I'm going to be posting something on Tell Me About It that even non-girly bookworms might like. Guess what it is. TFIOS NAILS!!!! Eee! I'm going to post some pics tomorrow. Anyway, I have got to go, so I'll see ya through the screen later. Thanks for reading!
- Jane