Monday, May 12, 2014

My Pick Mondays and A Double Jane

Hello readers!
 You might've noticed that My Pick Mondays is a fashion feature on Tell Me About It, my other blog.
I've decided to make up my own features, and My Pick Mondays is one of them. This is where I choose a word, book, or term, and tell you the reasons why I like to see it.
 Also, another feature will be Double Jane, where I'll give a Jane quote (Austen, Eyre, such) and give it again in my own words. I've expirimented, and it's really fun.

My Pick Mondays:

The word I chose was : Euphonious 
I absolutely love this word because I saw it asa a synonym for melodious, which is my favorite word! Euphonious means that it is musical, or pleasant to hear.
  I love it because rather than saying "pleasant" or "good", I can sound smart and say, that was quite euphonious!
 Okay guys, unfortunately this is going to be it for My Pick Mondays. Double Jane will be posted later. Wish me luck, because tonight is my dress rehearsal for my recital!

- Jane