Thursday, March 27, 2014

Essential Elements for a Good Book

  Jane here, fingers eagerly shaking from excitement. I forgot how fun this was! About that, very sorry I haven't been posting. I've been really busy. Here are my elements:

1. A clear plot (obviously so, but sometimes books are all over the place if you understand what I mean.)

2. A message or moral that is intertwined with the characters and events. ( You see, this is important. Not to sound harsh, but I just can't stand books with no message or point.)

3. Characters that I can connect with. This way, you understand the book so much more, and you can feel the emotions they might be feeling.

4. Unique personalities. I'm so tired of the stereotypes. I love it when an author dares to match two totally different personalities to make a friendship, too.

5. A full and satisfactory ending. What I mean is, some books just leave you wondering and confused. Like, "What just happened?" . And other times it just seems empty, like it wasn't really an ending, just another chapter.

 Well, that is it for today, folks. Be sure to Comment and follow, andthink: What are 5 of your essential elements that go into creating an enjoyable book?
 - Jane Blogger