Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thinking about Handing It Over

                        Hello everyone. Well, you might be wondering what on earth this title means...well, I'll explain in a minute.

  Blogging on The Anything Blog just hasn't been the same anymore.  So, to get my spirits up, I'm looking for a co-writer for about a day. Just to get people's attention. 
 So, that's right. I'm handing the Anything Blog over for a day.
 Well, at first I was considering deleting this blog, or just never going back to it. But that's too rash. I decided to hand it over occasionally to someone else. Because blogging for me hasn't been the same. I haven't moderated comments, haven't gotten excited when I look at my blog every week for anything in the 'reactions' or 'comments' areas. 
 What I'm looking For:
  A good writer who doesn't curse, and doesn't get control-crazy.
How I'll Find This: Introduce yourself in a comment or personal email saying: Hi (or whatever greeting you go by), my name is _____. <optional> I have a blog, which you can visit Here (Just Google). - any other message, saying I hope to get it or something. This is optional. - 
Okay guys! Hope you submit your entries. It's really just something for me to do to get this blog active as it used to be. I don't know what happened. Even though it's not Suggestion Saturday, I'm always taking your opinion in and trying to make TAB better!
            - Jane B.