Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Story: Finally!

      Finally, a new blog post/story! My friend Sarah L. stars in this one. Have fun looking at it!

                  I close my eyes and open them again. Close them, open. My hazel eyes are watery.
Not again!
 That's exactly what I write in my fluffy pink diary before putting down my pen.
Then there's a knock on the door. I know who it is. Not that I care.
"Can I come in?" She says."Sarah? Honey?"
"NO." I say loudly, stuffing my head into a pillow.
 "Please, Sarah-Sarah?"
"Will you stop it?"
 I sigh and can't help but be angry at my mother. Again! Sheesh.
   The thing is, my mother's pregnant. She's just announced that she's having a baby. I'm tired of it! I already had to quit dancing because Andy, my little brother, had too many "Very Important Soccer Meets" on the same days of jazz, and my mom didn't want him to miss. Hhh...
"Hey guys." I say, my voice staying monotone. My friends, Lexi and Sam, are both together on the handball court. Sam is juggling her soccer ball, and Lexi is  timing her. She drops her sparkly black watch to run up and hug me.
 Sam looks irritated, but softens when she sees me.\
"What's wrong?" She says, brown hair swinging when she walks to where I'm standing.
"My mother," I said, eyes watering once AGAIN. "She's..." From there, there are little trickles of tears running down my face. "I HATE SOCCER!" Is all I can manage to say. Andy and his soccer meets...I can't stand how it ruins everything for me!
 "It's time to go in, girls." Our principal says, not bothering to be compassionate for the girl who's face is as red as a tomato and as blotchy as...I don't know.
   I wish everything was different.

That's it for now! Just a rush piece, so it's not my best. But it just came from the top of my head. Thanks for reading!
- Jane Blogger