Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Song Of The Day

                    How do 'y do, everyone? I'm feeling very excited.

 Why? Well today marks the first day of "Song of the Day".
 Well, as you all probably know, I LOVE broadway musicals. The acting singing, dancing, WHATEVER. It's my dream to be a performer. Anyway, the Song of the Day for yesterday was Wicked- Popular. Click on that to see it. Wicked is basically about how the Wizard of Oz's good and bad witches came to be. Very interesting for book lovers, because I've always been an Ozian.
    Back to today's song. It comes from the soundtrack of Enchanted the Disney movie, and the cover of that CD is so pretty!(It's the kind of cover that would get a book extra points)
 Click on the following message to see the song I'm highlighting today:  Enchanted - How does she know
Hope you all like it! Thanks for reading,
                -Jane Blogger