Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Very Excited

I'm so excited!

 My feeling right now in one picture. Why,you ask?

  Tomorrow, Wednesday, Febuary 19th, I will find out if I won a *not just a, my FIRST book blog giveaway, thanks Awkwordly Emma* giveaway? Well, there are several possible prizes, but one is possibly an ARC! I've never had one. 

 Yeah. Probably the look you're giving the computer/laptop right now. You're thinking, EVERY book blogger has an ARC somewhere in their home. Nope. But listen dears, I am not your average book lover. Anyway, this was a post to fangirl over...I don't even know anymore! Oh, wait, here 'goes, Emma's giveaway. Yes, i remember. Here's a link to where she blogged about it.
 Click there to see her post about it. So happy--believe it or not, I JUST learned how to make a link into a "here" text. If that makes any sense to you. Anyway, that should be it, ya'll! Be sure to check her website tomorrow for more updates on the giveaway!
                              Yours truly,
                        Jane Blogger

*Side note: I'm adding a new feature to my blog! Song of the day! Click on  the following message to see today's:  Wicked- Popular