Tuesday, February 11, 2014


                                  Hi! If you read my post that I did yesterday, it kind of explains what I'm going to do today.

             Okay, so The Anything Blog really....hasn't been getting as many pageviews, and I know I shouldn't be obsessing over it. But... Still, do ya'll think you could tell me what I should add to TAB? I mean, now plain blog posts aren't enough. A lot of other book blogs are active....So, I'm going to propose something. How about a giveaway? I can see--I don't exactly know when, but it might happen with my parents' permission and everything. So,w hich book do you think I should give away? Book bloggers everywhere,your opinion is needed! Oh, sorry for the big font. Just thought I'd try it out today. Anyway, thanks for reading! Be sure to comment with concerns, questions, or plain old thoughts if you have any! 
                                              - Jane Blogger