Saturday, February 8, 2014

What to blog about...

    What to blog about......hmmm.....Let's see.




Yay! I always love Suggestion Saturday. I'm serious. It gives me a chance to know what you all want to know (about me, writing, blogging, fashion, problems, WHATEVER!) and hear from The Anything Blog. That's the thing; this has become more of a book blog, than an Anything blog.
I love books blogs, but I need to expand.  That's why I created Suggestion Saturday and Dear Jane, two of my favourite features. Speaking of which, way back on my first post I offered a job as a co-writer. Now, that offer is long gone, but still, feature spots are welcome!!!
      Don't. Be. Shy!!
Now, I loooove writing in pink. What colours are your favourites?
                                                                     -Jane Blogger