Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book Valentine 2014

                  Admit it. We all have a fictional best friend, enemy, and valentine. Who's your valentine for 2014?

  Jane here. I'm going over the best book valentines for 2014. Yes, Darcy Hawthrone will be on the list.These are mostly from the MDBC, because that's my favorite series. But I'll also be putting the best fictional pairs :) Best friends and relationships.

1. Darcy Hawthrone
2. Simon Berkeley
3. Tristan Berkeley
4.  Zach Norton
5. Stewart Chadwick ( He's last because I kind of hated him in the last book for going to prom with Sophie and Emma.)

Darcy with Jess
Simon with Megan
Tristan with Cass
 Zach with either Becca or Sophie
Stewart with Emma

         So who's your book Valentine? Who's your favorite pair of book valentines?   Oh, and ya'll I forgot to put this, but Gilbert Blythe and Anne. Oh, and as of next Friday I'll be posting the parents version of this! Bye, everyone! Thanks so much for reading!
                                        - Jane Blogger