Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So busy

                   I'm so busy!!

I have dance, schoolwork, extracurricular things like chorus, dance, and then there's the.....
Spellling bee.
 Do you know how much I've learned to DESPISE spelling bees? I't's a hassle to study when you have other things to do. When that happens, your mom yells at you.
We all know the aftermath of that.
       I guess(Hi, Alicia) this is kind of like Musing Mondays, on Spelling Bees. It's like, they give you a list of words and expect you to know them while everyone's cheering you on. When you don't win, you feel like a complete and utter loser. Does ANYONE else out there understand how I feel???

The Wonder of Charlie Anne Book Review

  Jane here! Since it's getting closer to Black History month and I've recently read a book on that topic, I'm going to review it now.

Title: The Wonder Of Charlie Anne
Author: Kimberly Newton Fusco
Genre: Historyical Fiction (children's literature)
Grade: B

           Okay, so as you know this is my first book review, and I'm very excited about it. So anyway, I'm a big sucker for cool covers. This cover disappointed me a bit:
  Yeah. You can see why. I mean, it's nice, but something was missing. I don't know what--that indescribable quality that makes a cover look 'good.'  The book was about a white girl living with her cousin Mirabel and her sisters and brother. Mirabel wants her to be a proper lady, Charlie Anne doesn't see the point. Now, there was something in the book that I really liked. It was that this girl liked to 'listen.' Her passed mother used to say everything makes a beautiful noise, if only you could listen.
How poetic is that?
After that, a coloured girl comes into town and moves into the house of their neighboor, and Charlie learns to become friends with her, even if she's different. Mirabel (in the beginning) doesn't want her to befriend her, but 

Author's Craft: 

  It was okay, but some things really annoyed me. Like when she said something like this(this was not in the book):
 I am holding on to Birdie and off in the distance I hear the river rushing and I hear Anna May saying what the dickens are you doing.
   You can see why, because all of those I AMs. Like, why not use an apostrophe? All through the book I was thinking of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  That book was so sad it did make me cry.

Ending( Some Spoilers, nothing major):

 I expected the ending to be better, but there were some things I really liked. Like how when Pheobe(the coloured girl Charlie befriends) gets injured when she's hit by a rock a boy threw at her, Charlie Anne helps her(Minor amount of blood in that scene. No other violence.) get better. I also liked how in the beginning Charlie can't read for beans and in the end.....you'll find out!
  Overall, minimal violence, but you have to expect some when you're reading a book that involves some conflict with race. Some things about the grammar bothered me, but also the plot was a little hard to follow. Look forward to a re-review coming up, maybe you can compare.
   Thanks for reading, everybody! I'm sorry if I was a little harsh, but it's my first review! Thanks, everyone!