Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blog Deprived

                            Hello, it's Jane here!

 Have you ever felt blog deprived? 
That's exactly what I'm feeling right now.
 No, I'm serious! I mean, normally I do like 2 posts a day. I haven't posted ANYTHING in 3 days!!!!! THREE DAYS!! I tried on mobile, but it wouldn't work. So, since I'm stalling now, I'm going to give ya'll a chance to give me suggestions. On?
 For once I'm going to use the meaning of what's in the name. You can give me suggestions on posts, writing, blog style, books I should review, even complaints about my blog. It's Suggestion Sunday!
(Give me a moment to chuckle...Okay, done)
    Yeah, so I'm really not sure what to post about. I can't believe it! What does this mean........
                                                                                                       - Confused,