Thursday, January 23, 2014

Results...of......You'll see!

    A super, hyper, VERY excited Jane here.

I heard back from a publishing company! Mr. Richard Roma emailed me back complimenting me on my manuscript "Curse on Ocean Waters" and asking me to get permission from my parents. I have to say, Page Publishing did it in only a week! Pretty fast service. I was thinking months, here.
              My career as a budding writer has begun.
This hardly means anything, though. He has to send it to a editor who will fix all my typos and the areas I need to work on. Apart from that, it's all good!!!  I'm SO excited.
Thanks everyone for reading, and as I promised I'll post results of him sending it to an editor :),
  Yours Truly,
Jane Blogger

I'm not going to share it here, but that moment when I first saw that Mr.Roma even ANSWERED me was pretty priceless. When I opened it, now...I was bouncing out of my skin.