Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Even though it's not Father's Day

  Even though it's not Father's Day

I decided to do a feature on father-daughter love songs. Of course, you all know I'm a girl. But do you know I'm a Daddy's Girl? Yes. All the way.
     On M.L.K. Day, I was scrolling through songs on Youtube and found a special one. My daddy personally is the BEST. My quote was "my prince already came and his name is daddy." Anyway,  I told my mom I was going to show my dad these particular songs and she said he used to listen to it all the time(and I quote, she said "God bless him if he remembers."). So we were sitting on the computer listening to this song and on a particular line I started to tear up. Then bawl. It just reminded my so much of him and I. My mother is always nagging him to spend more time with me. So when he heard it, he told me,, "You know I used to listen to this song all the time."
    Then he started singing along with it and that's when I bawled.
Okay, I know, I know, enough of being sentimental about that moment(how can I help it? I'm the kind of person who could use up hours leafing through albums). You want to hear the song.There are two . One of which I haven't showed him. These are all by some of my favorite Christian singers(here i go again,stalling).

Song: Butterfly Kisses (my dad and I used to do these before bedtime. Half the reason I cried.)
Singer: Bob Carlsile 
Song Two: Cinderella
Singer: Steven Curtis Chapman

I found both of these on youtube. They're such beautiful songs. So my message to readers today is that appreciate your dad if you have one. Spend time with him. Like in the song, before you know it you'll be walking down the aisle. Believe me, that won't be easy for him.
  Thanks for reading--be sure at the end of each night you thank God for him. If you don't have a father, it's hard for you, I understand. Hang in there!
- Jane Blogger
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Winter Poem

   Jane here! I'm in NYC and it's a-snowing out there!

 No really, it's CRAZY. So, of course, it put me in the mood for curling up and writing poems. Well, virtually :)
                                The wind danced around her head.
                                 The snow rested on her hair.
                              Her breath came out in frosty puffs, forming in the air.
                               Her eyes looked up at the sky happily
                             A snow day was such bliss
                               She thought of warm bread
                              And her cozy, cozy bed.
                          And she had never been as happy as this.

   I love poetry, especially children's poetry. I couldn't help but think the girl in the poem was myself. She knows how to enjoy winter. 
 Thanks for reading, ya'll(I feel funny saying that, as a city girl)! I'll be back hopefully next week with the publisher results! Be sure to comment!
-Jane Blogger