Friday, January 17, 2014

Interview with Heather Vogel Frederick!

                Hi everyone, it's your Jane here!

I am super excited to bring you an interview with the one....the only.....the author....
"Heather Vogel Frederick!"
   I did a quick comment with a long list of questions. She answered them, very quickly. But well!
Now join me as we get to know her.
 My questions:
1. What’s your favorite book?(You can have more than 1)
2. Were the MDBC books originally planned to be a series?
3. Who inspired you the most to write? If not anybody, what made you a writer?
4. Words that can describe the feeling you get when you see your words in print?
5. I’m trying to get something published. Can you explain the process a little?
6. Do you get tired of fan mail?
7. What’s your pet peeve?
8. Favourite TV show?
9. The hardest thing about being a writer is….
10. New Year’s goal(s)?

 HVF's answers:
1. Charlotte’s Web and Pride and Prejudice.
2. Nope! I thought there would just be one book. Surprise! 
3. My dad was my early inspiration — he read to me every night as a kid (actually, until my sisters and I were in college), and took my first attempts at stories seriously, offering feedback and praise.
4.Euphoric. Surreal.
5.Too long to go into here — check out THE WRITER’S MARKET at the library, as this will give you a complete overview of the publishing process.
6. Ha! Never! 
7. I don’t think I have one.
8. Downton Abbey. 
9. writing.
10.More balance in my life.

   Now everyone, wasn't that DANDY? I know, right! Super fun. Be sure to read all of HVF'S books(One coming out this year!),she's phenomenal. 

My Next Post Should Be On?

 My next post will be on.....

You decide! It's You Decide Friday, and I'm giving you the oppurtunity to tell me what you would like me to post on! :) Sorry for the short posts recently--I've been really busy. Oh, and guess what? I sent out my story to a publisher yesterday. Un-tweaked. I'm sure that  if they don't like it because of grammar, they'll tell me.
   I'm really trying not to get my hopes up for this, but I can't really help it. How exciting is it that you might have your dreams come true? I mean, come on! It's a really big deal.
               Have you ever had a dream(when I say dream I mean audition, contest, whatever it is--a step towards your goal) and you know that the step towards your goal has a fifty-fifty chance of good or bad? But you don't what to get your hopes up, right?   Write in a comment below about this topic. Whether you got in, you got rejected, whatever! Also, I'm going to need a lot on rejection. I have a feeling it's coming .
              On that happy not, ready, set, type! As Ii said yesterday, I love hearing all your DAAAHHHLING opinions. So type type type!
                                                                                    - Jane Blogger :)