Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words from an Author on Rejection

One of my FAVORITE Author's Words onn Rejection

1. Seperate yourself from the story: Just because they reject a story, it does not mean they are rejecting YOU. Pretend the story is a fruit cake. You are sending the fruit cake out to people to see if they like it. You KNOW some people don't like fruit cake. But obviously, some do, or fruit cakes wouldn't even exist. You are trying to find the person who likes fruit cake. When you get the fruit cake back in the mail, saying, "No thanks," it's not about YOU. The person simply does not like fruit cake. No big deal.

   Thiswas really touching because as you all know I'm trying to get something published. Of course, that fruit cake was a bit iffy....I mean, It wasn't my best. At least I came up with a decent title. It's a short story, a short fictional story. I'll be posting an excerpt soon!

I can't believe this!

                             I can't believe this!!!!

I might actually get published. I contacted Page Publishing and yesterday I got a whole Author's Submission Kit. Basically what I can submit, royalties, payments, etc. It was really cool to see that. So now my aspiring author status starts today! We're(my mother and I) going to call them and send them a letter with the story I wrote, so I'm really excited! And it's so quick, too. 5-7 Business days.

                                   Blogging Going Slow

 Blogging is going slow. No Dear Jane entries. Nothing to really write about. But I can tell you about the process of publishing--If you want. Am I being too braggy about it? Post your opinion in a comment below. Thanks, everyone!

                                                           -Jane Blogger