Saturday, January 11, 2014

I've Put A Vote Up!

     So, If you look to the right, you'll see a small scroll box with four(or is it 5) options to vote. I think they're these: The Bloggeress, Words From The Heart, Jane Blogger's View on the World, None of the Above.
Yeah, those. So please vote! It's the only way I know if you want to help me change the name! C'mon, guys, there's only one more day left to vote so PLEASE do it!!! Oh, and don't be afraid to put your input on another option in a comment. I LOVE COMMENTS. Seriously(I mean, do ya' know how much fun it is to approve them, then reply to them?)!
 Oh, and I'll be giving you an excerpt from my new novel, Inspired By A Snowy Day.
It's about a pale girl growing up--mom doesn't really think she's pretty so they try to bond over something.
It's not that good so far.
“I,” Cecelia started. She searched through the bunch of words jumbled in her brain but every time she tried to grab one it moved. She took another deep breath as Flora’s brow puckered. “I am sorry. I love you.”
Cecelia looked at her mother, whose cheeks flushed just a little bit, but eyes were teary. Cecelia wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad.
 Cecelia suddenly rushed toward her mother and hugged her. She never had done it before. It felt awkward and crazy so she decided she would stick to something else.
“Thank you,” Flora said with an almost nonexistent smile.
Cecelia stiffened. Thank you? In all the movies she had seen, not once was there a scene where a daughter hugged her mother and the mother said “thank you.” She pulled away fast and glared at her mother. She sighed, then grabbed her lunch.
“I’m going, mom. The bus is here.”
Flora had that dumb expression most people get when they want to say more on her face. Cecelia felt like slapping her, just as she had done to Edward . Of course, she didn’t.
    Cecelia grabbed her coat and her lunch and opened the door. This time, she looked behind. She said the words in her head: I love you mama ,even if you don’t love me.

    Please post a comment with your opinion! If this was a book review on this excerpt, what would you say? What grade? Please post! I love hearing all your  DAHHHLING opinions ;).

                                                                 -Jane Blogger