Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dear Jane.....

 Jane here.

So, as you know, I have been blogging for a few years, and I used to have an advice coloumn. Of course, that wasn't very good. Nobody sent in ANY entries. I'm thinking of re-starting it, here on the Anything Blog.
 So here's what the format will be(to submit a dear Jane entry.)
You can either email it to me, like this:
You: Can I email a dear Jane Entry?
Me: Sure, I'll give you my email.

  And then I'll give you my email in the comment section. My email used by readers are for blogging purposes only.  I want to be cyber safe, here.
 Or, you could  do it this way:
You:  I have a dear Jane entry that I would like you to answer(*= in the comment section. # = In a blog entry with all the other Dear Jane entries that people want to be on my blog.
Me: Sure.

And then I'll either tell you it'll be on my blog ( It doesn't only count if you put the * or # on it, I still need to choose, but if it's clean and you want it to be public I'll put it in my blog post :] ), or i'll answer it in the comment section. 
      And people, don't be shy! Dear Jane is supposed to be fun.
-Jane Blogger
NOTE: *I will not be publishing anything that is very personal, or I feel needs to be in the comment section privately. Please do not be offended. Also, please do not use real names. Use code names, such as , if you have a problem with being late, you could say 'alwayslate05' or something. But if I know you, (RoseTyler01, Alicia The Awesome) you can put your blog name. Dear Jane is supposed to be a fun, helpful coloumn.*


Jane here!

Hello, everyone! So I've recently been trying extremely hard to balance blogging and writing. So blogging has become a big part of my life, and I've been trying to get known. I mean--who doesn't want to be known? I'm normally really shy but blogging has helped me in big ways....anyway, I just recently added a pageview counter! Now it may not be as big of a number like Awkwordly Emma's (47244) or Searching The Cloud's blogger, R.T.(860), but it's a big number to me and I'm counting on you[~insert dry not funny pun laugh~literally!] to get more :) No pressure, though. Plus, I'm really focused on not abandoning my blog, because I'm scared I will. Anyway, that's all for now! Thanks :D
- Jane Blogger