Friday, January 3, 2014

Changing the name?

The Anything Blog

Has always been known as such. But I think it's becoming more centered on seperate thing from 'anything.'
Anyway, I'm thinking of changing it to 'Words From The Heart' like my first blog was called. That was a long time ago and it was a flop, but I like the title a lot. What do you think?

Getting to Know Us: Alicia and Jane

Hey everyone! It’s Alicia from Awesome Book Assessment, and today I’m doing a guest post here on Jane’s blog. It’s going to take the form of an interview. I’m going to ask a set of questions, and both Jane and I will answer them.
1.    When and why did you start blogging?
2.    What are your favorite books (at the moment), and why?
3.    What are some of your hobbies, besides reading?
4.    Dogs or cats?
5.    Physical copies or eBooks?
6.    If you could live forever, would you? Why?
7.    If you could be anywhere in the world right now, doing anything, where/what would it be?
8.    What book character do you wish you could be?
9.    Do you like re-reading books?
10. What are your top 3 2014 goals, bookish or non-bookish?
Here are my answers:
1.    I started blogging in August 2013 because I was browsing Goodreads and came across Small Review, who had an amazing book blog and introduced me to the world of book blogging. I thought, hey, I read, why not post reviews on them? It’s a great way to discuss things, making reading a community thing instead of a solitary activity.
2.    I have a Favorites Friday post on my top 6 favorite books of all time. They are the Seven Kingdoms series (Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue) by Kristin Cashore, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, and of course Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.
3.    I write, I sculpt, I am a jewelry artist and sometimes draw, I play the piano and compose, I have a job as a cashier at my local grocery store, and a lot of other things. I also speak some French.
4.    Cats for sure. I hate dogs. And I’m allergic to them.
5.    Physical copies- I have a Kindle and it’s okay, but I prefer reading physical copies.
6.    I wouldn’t because frankly, I’d get bored.
7.    I would be in Thoreau’s little house at Walden Pond, reading a book I’m trying to finish. I like Thoreau. He is a great writer and thinker.
8.    I wish I could be Hermione from Harry Potter. She basically is me.
9.    Yes; in fact, half of the books I read these days are re-reads.

10. My top three goals would be staying awesome, blogging more, and reading more. See the rest of my goals here.
Jane’s answers:
1. I started blogging in maybe 2012, because my mother used to have a blog and I was inspired by her. Also I read a series about bloggers.
2.  My favorite books are by far: One, The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather V. Frederick, 'It's Raining Cupcakes' by Lisa Schroeder, The Chronicles of Narnia bye C.S. Lewis, Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. Why? Well, there's something about a really good book that makes you want to put a replay button on them, and start pressing it over, and over again.
3. Writing, acting, singing, and dancing ballet and tap.
4. Not sure--I've never had a cat because my mother hates/is scared of them, and dad&brother are allergic.
5. Physical--I love the beautiful feel of turning the page.
6. No, I wouldn't. As appealing as it sounds, I think God would want me to live the amount of days he intended me to have. 
7.   This is a toughie--I would want to be in several places:
-Paris, France, writing about what I see
- Corozal, Belize ( my mother's hometown), munching on delicious Tortillas
-  On Broadway, dancing, singing, or acting.
- Barnes & Nobles, digesting one book after the other.
8. This is very tough, too. Cassidy from the MDBC, since she's so firey. Anybody, really from the MDBC, since I love them all.
9. Yes, LOVE! I could spend all of my days re-reading and re-reading.( But it depends what book[s])
10. Top ten...Hmm:
1. Become more 'known' in the book-blogging world.
2. Read more books ( 15 a month if possible), write more of my own.
3. Attend dance more. I've been skipping way too much, lately.
         I’d like to give a big thank-you to Jane for letting me post on her blog! If you want to check out mine, head on over to Awesome Book Assessment and follow me via GFC, email, or whatever you want. I also have a Twitter account: @Firefox9799. Have a great day, readers!

( Sorry, I couldn't copy & paste the icon with your name, Alicia. Also, you're welcome!)


2013 Quote

So I know it's a little late, but......

Firstly, Jane here. Secondly, I have a 2013 quote.*
         “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain
Isn't that so very 'poetical?' I know, right?
    As a book lover, reader, and blogger, I thought this was the perfect one for me.
Oh, and bye the way since this is also for the giveaway, thank you, Heather V. Frederick and congrats to whoever wins!
-- Happy Late 2014,
Jane B.