Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Jane here :) This is my first post of 2014,wow! Soanyway, remember back in 2013when I said I would post a pic of the signed book? Here it is! It's kind of slanted but whatever.
-Jane Blogger

If I Were

                    I saw this on one of my fellow-blogger-friend's blog*, and thought it would be really cool to do.
If I Were A Gemstone, I'd be.........A deep pink rose quartz. A fun color, but not too bright. I'm normally neon, but on the inside I'm lighter.
If I Were A Scent......I'd be something fruity.....a fragrance, perhaps, strawberry flavored.
If I Were A Pair Of Shoes............I'd be comfortable yet pretty ballet flats that're easy to slip on&off.
If I Were The Weather.....I'd be a Spring or Summer day that's slightly cloudy but blue. When I'm mad I'm a lightning storm. Or possibly a hurricane(Jk.).
If I Were A Facial Expression.......I'd be that teary-eyed look when you're so happy about something you read or what someone did. That look where your eyes are misty and there's a small smile lingering on your lips.
If I Were A Car....I'd be a a bright pink mini cooper.
If I Were A Time Of Day......I'd be around 2:00 PM or 7:00 AM
If I Were A Month.....I'd be June or Early July
If I Were A Place.....I'd be somewhere chilly but peaceful near a river or body of water of some sort.
If I Were A Liquid.......I'd be fruit punch, Sprite, or strawberry seltzer.
If I Were A Taste......I'd be something with too much sugar, or that bubbly feeling you get in your mouth before soda goes to your nose.
If I Were A Food.....I'd be Vanilla ice cream. Plain but nice.
If I Were A Color.....I'd be bright pink, sparkly purple, or sparkly/un-sparkly black.
If I Were A Musical Instrument.....I'd be a flute
If I Were A Flower.....I'd be a wilted lavender
If I Were A Song.....I'd be something classical or ''I Knew I loved You,'' by Savage Garden, or''If I could,'' By Celine Dion(one of my FAVORITE singers)
If I Were A Planet.....I'd be Neptune.
If I Were An Object.....I'd be a pencil, notebook,or book.
If I Were A Fruit.......I'd be a strawberry
If I Were A Sound.....I'd be the soft tap of point shoes on a stage, sound of theatre shoes on a stage, or a page turning in a book.
If I Were A Day Of The Week........... I'd be Wednesday.

   That's it, folks :) Thanks for reading.
-Jane Blogger

Happy 2014

 There's really nothing for me to look back at. I mean, until I got HVF to read my blog, I was practically a ghost. Anyway, what's up with blogger's app?I tried to publish something and it didn't publish it and I tried like 10 times. :P So now I'm not going to be able to post pics.
   I found that I'm actually really good at writing out a synopsis for my stories. For Example:

                    Clarabelle Tenall is 16, bouncing, and full of energy. She can't wait to get out of boring Pennsylvania. But when tragedy strikes and Clarabelle winds down, she realizes that her 15 candles on the cake weren't that bad after all.

So what do you think?