Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Things in the Janeoverse

        Hello readers! It's about time I've posted. Well, I'm SO sorry I haven't, I needed to study for a really big science test. But I have got news to share!

  • I have a challenge for you all
  •  I got the book Wildflower
  •  I got the book This Star Won't Go Out
  •  I got an Okay? Okay. t-shirt
I am SO excited about those books. 

 I just read "This Star Won't Go Out." wow, that book is powerful. Well, in honor of Esther,  I am making a challenge. If you have a blog, write about a feeling you have everyday for two weeks. 

Esther highly encourages this because she heerself had a diary AND a blog.

Wow. That book is amazing. Ya'll have to read it.
So who's ready to take Esther's Challenge?
Keep Reading,


  1. ok,im taking the challenge.where do i put links to my blog,or how does it work?

    1. Well if you have a blog put your entry in your post with a link back to my blog. When you're done email the post to me so I can put it on my blog :)


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