Friday, May 23, 2014

My Blog Logo

      Hello everyone! The hiatus might just be over! That was short, huh? Well, I'm excited because my blogger buddy, Ashlee M., has made me a new logo for TAB! It's amazing, trust me, and it goes with the whole blog's theme. We're actually sponsoring eachother's blogs because we both would like some more pageviews. So, here it is:

Wow is all I  can say. Wow. Be sure to visit the designer's blog at: You Can Tell Everybody/ Ashlee & Jacob's Blog
Thanks for reading, fellas!
- Jane

Saturday, May 17, 2014

How am I doing? / This blog's hiatus

 Hi everyone! That's one of the few introductions I use: hi. Well, anyway, I'm doing just a little late Suggestion Saturday / Sunday and I'm also announcing that for this blog I'm going on hiatus, to wait until the right post comes wandering to my fingertips and onto the keyboard.

   So for this week's Suggestion Saturday I'm asking a question:
How am I doing?
 Other than the low amount of pageviews, I can tell from looking at the amounts of comments that TAB isn't as exciting as it used to be. I'm trying to get things in, and I'm trying to read a lot of books. Well, I'm actually trying to savor Little Women because I can't really follow it if I rush, and as for reading books my parents said I could be getting a gift this June... a gift card to Barnes!
   You have no idea how excited I am.
Well anyway, I just wanted to ask where I kind of lost ya'll because I've been posting and posting, and it's just not really going so well. I might be on hiatus for the next few days. But Tell Me About It will be active.
Thanks for reading and I hope I get some suggestions this Saturday! :)
- Jane

Friday, May 16, 2014

Random Fridays: My Dream Birthday Party

                           Hosted by Awkwordly Emma.
So this is actually just my second time participating in Random Fridays, but I hope I get the rules and everything right!
 So, my dream birthday party would have everything I love: Music, a  beauty station, and of course..
What would I want for me birthday?

  • Books
  • Books
  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Fountain pens'
  • Books
  • Nail polish
Yeah. Pretty much explains itself. Since I haven't been exploring new book types, I'm interested in what people would think I would like.

     The table would look like this:

I love the pink napkins, especially.

 The food, although I love the idea of being book inspired, would be all from where my family is from, and for dessert we would have something like this:

French sorbet, to go with the all pink - ish theme :)

  Well, I hope you had fun reading this post. It's the first time I've really participated in it, so yeah. Thanks so much for reading!!
- Jane

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Pick Mondays and A Double Jane

Hello readers!
 You might've noticed that My Pick Mondays is a fashion feature on Tell Me About It, my other blog.
I've decided to make up my own features, and My Pick Mondays is one of them. This is where I choose a word, book, or term, and tell you the reasons why I like to see it.
 Also, another feature will be Double Jane, where I'll give a Jane quote (Austen, Eyre, such) and give it again in my own words. I've expirimented, and it's really fun.

My Pick Mondays:

The word I chose was : Euphonious 
I absolutely love this word because I saw it asa a synonym for melodious, which is my favorite word! Euphonious means that it is musical, or pleasant to hear.
  I love it because rather than saying "pleasant" or "good", I can sound smart and say, that was quite euphonious!
 Okay guys, unfortunately this is going to be it for My Pick Mondays. Double Jane will be posted later. Wish me luck, because tonight is my dress rehearsal for my recital!

- Jane

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Women Vocab

  Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting in a long time, nothing has really come to mind. So as you know, I've been reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and if you want to understand half of the book, you need to be ready to see all the words and terms in there.....

  1. This word has gotten on my very last nerve. Becoming - This means pretty. Think of a girl becoming very pretty as she 'becomes' older and grows into herself. Becoming was pretty easy to figure out.
  2.  Queer - This means weird.
  3. A term - Care for. This actually means like
  4. . *SPOILER*  Megan ' cares for ' Mr. Brooke or John and not Laurie, the boy Jo wanted her to marry.
  5. Okay okay, I'm done now. Just skip that tiny line. :) Okay, another word that you'll need to know is lackadaisical - lackuhdaeseecull- which means not enthusiastic. Think "Lack of daisy - cull '' and think of daisies as happieness.
  6. Plummy - Highly desirable.
That's about it! If any of you have questions with the vocabulary in Little Women or any other classic book or book in general, just tell me about it in the comments, okay? I'm going to try to make both of my blogs more inter-active, like a youtube channel without seeing eachother. So, that's about it! Thank you so much for reading!
 Keep flipping the pages,
- Jane Blogger <3