Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coming up Next on The Anything Blog - And Suggestions

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while. Well, I'm back now. I decided to do a coming up next kind of thing to get people excited about what comes. So here's my list.

  1. A guest post by Alicia the Awesome (link to blog coming soon)
  2.  I WILL participate in Random Friday and Top Ten Tuesday, and if I can't I apologize
  3.  Suggestion Saturday and Sunday
  4.  Ask Jane on both blogs
  5. Excited for ARCS
So those are my guest posts that will be coming up!
 When I say suggestions, I mean for you to give me suggestions. It's not Suggestion Saturday but I'm trying to make the Anything Blog better. 

   Oh, I forgot to say! I've read this really nice Christian lit series called Blog on ! By Dandi Daley Mackall. This is actually the series that inspired me to blog. Shout out to Mrs. Mackall, thank you and God bless! Anyway, I just wanted to share about it. it's children's literature, but it's really good.

  Thanks for reading, everyone! Check back tomorrow on Tell Me About It for updates about emotion & more! Have a nice ( but rainy over here) night!
- Jane Blogger

( And can we please get a   for now almost 100 posts?!?!?)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Back From Concord!

             Hello everyone! It's me, Jane. I just came back, today, from a trip to Concord!

    Well, it was just amazing. Here are some things I got( from my wonderful parents):
  • Some really awesome things from the Orchard House gift shop such as:
  • An awesome neon Louisa May Alcott t- shirt with a quote.
  •  4 Cool bookmarks with quotes on them
  •  I could use those bookmarks to read the books:
  • Little Women
  • Eight Cousins
  •  An Old Fashioned Girl, all by L.M. Alcott
Sweet, huh? I was practically squealing when we got the tour of Orchard House. It was so amazing. I dove into Little Women, of course, right after we left, which made the whole  book experience come even more alive.

             I got to see Concord Academy, which I'm pretty sure was Colonial in the Mother - Daughter Book Club, and even Essex!

     I've been nominated for a new award by Alicia the Awesome at Awesome Book Assessment, so I want to give a little shout out to say thanks to her. Thanks, Alicia!

    Okay, so I'm going to end this a little weirdly. It's hard for me to type this, oddly. 
Okay, so some of you read my other blog Tell Me About It. Now, you all probably have discovered my age, since on an author's Facebook page she revealed it in a post about my other blog, and I shared the link, with my mother's permission, not realizing. My parents just said "Oh well." My mom said that she was too proud of me to care, and that the author (Ann Margaret Hovsepian) probably didn't even know my age was anonymous .
  So now on that blog I say it freely, but if you do know my age, don't freak out about it. It's not a big deal. And I know most of you are going to go check the blog now to see my age. I hope not. 
   Anyway, I'm going to ask my parents what I should do: I mean, I agree with them, saying my age can be harmful because of those weird people out there. But also, I didn't want to say my age because people would get all crazy over it.
   So here's what I'm going to do: Apart from getting advice from my parents on whether to share it or not, 
I want your opinon. So, email me. If you don't know my email it's bellafeforever(at)gmail(dot)com. It would help if before hand in your email you could tell me if you do know my age and what you think.

Am I obsessing over this?
I guess I am.
           That's all for now, folks. Thanks for reading!
- Jane

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Off to Concord I go!

                       Hello everyone! This is going to be a small post letting all of you know how excited I am! Tomorrow I will be leaving at 8:00 for Concord MA, hometown of the Mother - Daughter Book Club characters(Thanks for writing them, Heather Vogel Frederick!)! I've fangirled about them a bunch. 

           My family and I are going to visit all the places mentioned, even Essex Academy! Which is actually a middle school, btw. Anyway, I'm going to be back by Friday, with a head full of news for you all! Hope you're eagerly anticipating hearing about Concord!
       - Jane

Monday, April 14, 2014

Awkwordly Emma giveaway

                     Hey everyone! It's Jane here.

So I was reading Awkwordly Emma's blog, and I noticed that she had a giveaway. The book? Okay, so i know this is going to kill ya'll, but...
  The Geography of You and Me!!!
Now, I actually haven't read it yet, so I'm REALLY EXCITED! With the book there are little magnets, too, so that's a definite plus!
  You can visit Emma's blog by clicking here.
Sorry today's post was short, but it's just about the giveaway, so...
Thanks for reading, everyone!
- Jane

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quotes, fangirling, and other Exciting Things

        Hello readers! How are ya'll doing? 

 I hope you're doing fine today. Anyway, so as you might know from reading my blog for the past few months, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mother Daughter Book Club  by my favorite author, Heather  Vogel Frederick.
 Well, a couple of weeks ago my mother and I were talking and she surprised me: "Bella fe," She said (this means pretty in Spanish and 'fe' comes from my middle name, Faith), eyes twinkling. "What was that you were saying about Concord?"
 Falling for it, I replied "It's the setting of my favorite series, The Mother Daughter Book Club, mom."
"You're going there over Spring break!"
   I started squealing with joy. She went on to explain that I'm going to visit a bunch of the places mentioned such as the Orchard House, home of the author Louisa May Alcott who wrote Little Women!! And I'm going to take a tour of it! * fangirls *
 Okay, okay.
 I just had to share because I really really wanted to go! I'm also excited for Friday. Our church does this really fun thing where all of the women go upstate and have a bunch of fun over the weekend. In other words, it's a time to not only stay up late with my best friend, but a time for my relationship with God to grow. 
 So now, for my quotes. Let me explain.
    So I've bookmarked a couple of my favorite Mother- Daughter Book Club quotes, and here I'll be sharing them and telling you why I chose them.

1.  Dear Pen Pal
"I was so worried about myself, and how I was going to fit in, that it honestly never occurred to me to worry about Emma being lonely."
    We all sometimes worry about fitting in, that we forget about other people who might be close to us in the process.
2. Dear Pen Pal
" Friends are one of life's richest blessings."
 Words from Gigi herself that you can't argue with, right?
3.  Dear Pen Pal
" I'd like to have a place like that to go to in the summer so I could work on a book too."
       I know exactly how Emma feels. Most writers have a time, or place, or setting where they can just write and write and be perfectly content with it, something that doesn't happen often (writers being content with what they wrote). For me, it's staying inside my Jeep on an extremely rainy day. I don't know. Something about the rain calms me. Maybe it's the way it patters softly on our hood, like little feet, or the way it runs down my window like a tear drop. The tear- drop - like drops of water on my window make me feel like writing something emotional. I don't know...
  4. Dear Pen Pal
"They are seriously cute!
'No kidding,' Answers Becca.
 Darcy or no Darcy, I have to agree."
      I love Darcy, but Owen and Sam were..nice, too.
5. Much Ado About Anne
" There's only one thing my heart desires tonight. I shut my eyes, wishing with all my might."
     A little quote  "Home For The Holidays" to explain how I feel about this.
'Poetry. Sheer poetry.'

   So, do you have favorite quotes from books? Why did you choose them?
  Thanks for reading, folks. I'll post later!
            - Jane B.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some National Poetry Month Writing

       Jane here. Okay, so I get it. I haven't posted poetry or writing in general, but since April is national poetry month, why not?

Here it is:

 I want to stay here, stay here frozen in time
Watching and waiting as the world goes by.
Waiting and waiting for it to stop,
 breathing and looking as rain continuously drops.
To me not a dull moment, not a gray sky, watching
  and waiting as the world goes by.
I want to stay here, as the sun comes out
 listening and smiling as people walk about.

If you can't see it, just highlight and it'll come right up. Please ask for permission if you want to put this anywhere, thank you! Any comments or questions, email me or comment below!

So sorry if today's post was short, but my poem was short , so. That's it for today, folks. I'll post later!

- Jane Blogger

* NOTE:*
When you're done reading, there are three emotions with a little square in them. Please check one of them! One is funny, one is interesting, and one is cool. It's a fun little tasks and every week I'll see, based on the reactions to posts, what I should post more or less of! Thank you,
  - Jane