Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Story: Finally!

      Finally, a new blog post/story! My friend Sarah L. stars in this one. Have fun looking at it!

                  I close my eyes and open them again. Close them, open. My hazel eyes are watery.
Not again!
 That's exactly what I write in my fluffy pink diary before putting down my pen.
Then there's a knock on the door. I know who it is. Not that I care.
"Can I come in?" She says."Sarah? Honey?"
"NO." I say loudly, stuffing my head into a pillow.
 "Please, Sarah-Sarah?"
"Will you stop it?"
 I sigh and can't help but be angry at my mother. Again! Sheesh.
   The thing is, my mother's pregnant. She's just announced that she's having a baby. I'm tired of it! I already had to quit dancing because Andy, my little brother, had too many "Very Important Soccer Meets" on the same days of jazz, and my mom didn't want him to miss. Hhh...
"Hey guys." I say, my voice staying monotone. My friends, Lexi and Sam, are both together on the handball court. Sam is juggling her soccer ball, and Lexi is  timing her. She drops her sparkly black watch to run up and hug me.
 Sam looks irritated, but softens when she sees me.\
"What's wrong?" She says, brown hair swinging when she walks to where I'm standing.
"My mother," I said, eyes watering once AGAIN. "She's..." From there, there are little trickles of tears running down my face. "I HATE SOCCER!" Is all I can manage to say. Andy and his soccer meets...I can't stand how it ruins everything for me!
 "It's time to go in, girls." Our principal says, not bothering to be compassionate for the girl who's face is as red as a tomato and as blotchy as...I don't know.
   I wish everything was different.

That's it for now! Just a rush piece, so it's not my best. But it just came from the top of my head. Thanks for reading!
- Jane Blogger

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Blog!

                         Hey Everyone!!!!

Wow, I believe that's the first time I've said "hey". Oh well. Anyway, as you might've seen in the title, I have a new blog running! (Don't check now, I'll update this post soon with a link to the first post!) It's going to be for fashion, makeup, news, and more! It's called....

        *Drumroll please*

'Tell me about it!'

   Because for the news & everything, you have to tell someone about it. Oh, and it'll have regular polls about news and things. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to balance both. I guess people will read it more then, since it's limited! If I have to drop a blog, then I'll drop Tell Me About It. TAB posts might not be as up and coming since I have a baby blog to take care of, but keep reading!
        Thanks for reading everyone!
Coming Soon: Book Kindred Spirits and Best Friends (sort of the same thing)
Updated: Link: Tell Me About It
 Isn't it pretty? Yeah, I've decided it's going to be what I call a "Weekend Blog". A blog with posts that only come now and then. :P

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Song Of The Day

                    How do 'y do, everyone? I'm feeling very excited.

 Why? Well today marks the first day of "Song of the Day".
 Well, as you all probably know, I LOVE broadway musicals. The acting singing, dancing, WHATEVER. It's my dream to be a performer. Anyway, the Song of the Day for yesterday was Wicked- Popular. Click on that to see it. Wicked is basically about how the Wizard of Oz's good and bad witches came to be. Very interesting for book lovers, because I've always been an Ozian.
    Back to today's song. It comes from the soundtrack of Enchanted the Disney movie, and the cover of that CD is so pretty!(It's the kind of cover that would get a book extra points)
 Click on the following message to see the song I'm highlighting today:  Enchanted - How does she know
Hope you all like it! Thanks for reading,
                -Jane Blogger

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Very Excited

I'm so excited!

 My feeling right now in one picture. Why,you ask?

  Tomorrow, Wednesday, Febuary 19th, I will find out if I won a *not just a, my FIRST book blog giveaway, thanks Awkwordly Emma* giveaway? Well, there are several possible prizes, but one is possibly an ARC! I've never had one. 

 Yeah. Probably the look you're giving the computer/laptop right now. You're thinking, EVERY book blogger has an ARC somewhere in their home. Nope. But listen dears, I am not your average book lover. Anyway, this was a post to fangirl over...I don't even know anymore! Oh, wait, here 'goes, Emma's giveaway. Yes, i remember. Here's a link to where she blogged about it.
 Click there to see her post about it. So happy--believe it or not, I JUST learned how to make a link into a "here" text. If that makes any sense to you. Anyway, that should be it, ya'll! Be sure to check her website tomorrow for more updates on the giveaway!
                              Yours truly,
                        Jane Blogger

*Side note: I'm adding a new feature to my blog! Song of the day! Click on  the following message to see today's:  Wicked- Popular

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cinder - Just bought it!

                          Hey Everyone!

I'm really happy -- Just bought Cinder on my tablet.
I love the cover. 
(Plus the extra quote that came from the syopsis)

   Okay, so enough fangirling.  This is a post to ask you all (if you've read it) what YOU thought of it, so I know some opinions. One rule : NO SPOILERS!!! Yeah, so it's kind of like a mini-book review. Did I mention I paid $2.99 for it? So. Am I getting a deal or what I paid for?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A little Research on my Family

      Finally, something to post about! 

 So as you most probably know, my mother is from Belize. So, I decided to share some information on it.  Belize is actually really beautiful, I went there 5 years ago to meet my cousins+uncle, aunt.
Here's a picture:
I've been there, climbed to the top with my brother and dad. Anyway, more info on Belize. It's a country near the Caribbean located in central America. They speak several languages there- Spanish, English, Belizean Creole, and a tiny bit of Mayan.
So now I have a question for all of you-- this is just my mom's side, but it's interesting to know where you come from. So, where is your family from?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who else wants a snow day?

Snow day. Those two words are all we want to hear, for those of us who go to public schools!

 Okay-- All of us are praying for the snow that the reporters have been so direly predicting. So, as a last minute 'Hope for Snow' arrangement, I would like all bloggers to re-paste this with a post something winter-related! It'll be fun. Don't forget to put that it's hosted by me! Okay here's one of many the gifs you should paste:
(How we're all just tired of WAITING for it)
Posting more tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


                                  Hi! If you read my post that I did yesterday, it kind of explains what I'm going to do today.

             Okay, so The Anything Blog really....hasn't been getting as many pageviews, and I know I shouldn't be obsessing over it. But... Still, do ya'll think you could tell me what I should add to TAB? I mean, now plain blog posts aren't enough. A lot of other book blogs are active....So, I'm going to propose something. How about a giveaway? I can see--I don't exactly know when, but it might happen with my parents' permission and everything. So,w hich book do you think I should give away? Book bloggers everywhere,your opinion is needed! Oh, sorry for the big font. Just thought I'd try it out today. Anyway, thanks for reading! Be sure to comment with concerns, questions, or plain old thoughts if you have any! 
                                              - Jane Blogger

Monday, February 10, 2014

Comments...Down, down, down.

                Amount of Comments? Down down down. 

What's up with ya'll? Since about Febuary 4th, none of you have commented, and I'm starting to get worried. Was it something I mentioned in a post? Or are ya'll just lazy? :D
  Sadly, I haven't gotten any emails for Dear jane, either.

If this were a GIF, it would be a person crying.

 So, this is the worst.
I might be closing down Dear Jane....

                                          Small post, leaving your Jane feeling sad and disappointed.

But as I always say after every post, be sure to comment with any questions, concerns, etc. Thanks for reading, although this sounded very much like an angry rant.

                                                - Jane Blogger

Saturday, February 8, 2014

What to blog about...

    What to blog about......hmmm.....Let's see.




Yay! I always love Suggestion Saturday. I'm serious. It gives me a chance to know what you all want to know (about me, writing, blogging, fashion, problems, WHATEVER!) and hear from The Anything Blog. That's the thing; this has become more of a book blog, than an Anything blog.
I love books blogs, but I need to expand.  That's why I created Suggestion Saturday and Dear Jane, two of my favourite features. Speaking of which, way back on my first post I offered a job as a co-writer. Now, that offer is long gone, but still, feature spots are welcome!!!
      Don't. Be. Shy!!
Now, I loooove writing in pink. What colours are your favourites?
                                                                     -Jane Blogger 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back on Blogger!

                Jane Here!

Hi, it's Jane again! Glad to be back on blogger. Anyway, this is just a small post updating you on several things:
1. *TAB has just been updated with my new Blogger profile. Still trying to figure things out*
2. Suggestion Saturday is coming up, but it's never too early! I'm taking in suggestions as early as, well, today!
3. Poem coming out soon!
4. Vacation Destinies are coming out. No seriously, people, I have a strong craving for the carribean.
5.  Blog features coming soon!

                   Thanks for reading, everyone! Be sure to see the notifications above! Comment if you have any questions, or just plain thoughts!

- Jane Blogger, glad to be back

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book Valentine 2014

                  Admit it. We all have a fictional best friend, enemy, and valentine. Who's your valentine for 2014?

  Jane here. I'm going over the best book valentines for 2014. Yes, Darcy Hawthrone will be on the list.These are mostly from the MDBC, because that's my favorite series. But I'll also be putting the best fictional pairs :) Best friends and relationships.

1. Darcy Hawthrone
2. Simon Berkeley
3. Tristan Berkeley
4.  Zach Norton
5. Stewart Chadwick ( He's last because I kind of hated him in the last book for going to prom with Sophie and Emma.)

Darcy with Jess
Simon with Megan
Tristan with Cass
 Zach with either Becca or Sophie
Stewart with Emma

         So who's your book Valentine? Who's your favorite pair of book valentines?   Oh, and ya'll I forgot to put this, but Gilbert Blythe and Anne. Oh, and as of next Friday I'll be posting the parents version of this! Bye, everyone! Thanks so much for reading!
                                        - Jane Blogger