Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dear Jane.....

 Jane here.

So, as you know, I have been blogging for a few years, and I used to have an advice coloumn. Of course, that wasn't very good. Nobody sent in ANY entries. I'm thinking of re-starting it, here on the Anything Blog.
 So here's what the format will be(to submit a dear Jane entry.)
You can either email it to me, like this:
You: Can I email a dear Jane Entry?
Me: Sure, I'll give you my email.

  And then I'll give you my email in the comment section. My email used by readers are for blogging purposes only.  I want to be cyber safe, here.
 Or, you could  do it this way:
You:  I have a dear Jane entry that I would like you to answer(*= in the comment section. # = In a blog entry with all the other Dear Jane entries that people want to be on my blog.
Me: Sure.

And then I'll either tell you it'll be on my blog ( It doesn't only count if you put the * or # on it, I still need to choose, but if it's clean and you want it to be public I'll put it in my blog post :] ), or i'll answer it in the comment section. 
      And people, don't be shy! Dear Jane is supposed to be fun.
-Jane Blogger
NOTE: *I will not be publishing anything that is very personal, or I feel needs to be in the comment section privately. Please do not be offended. Also, please do not use real names. Use code names, such as , if you have a problem with being late, you could say 'alwayslate05' or something. But if I know you, (RoseTyler01, Alicia The Awesome) you can put your blog name. Dear Jane is supposed to be a fun, helpful coloumn.*

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  1. For Example:
    Hi Jane, I have a dear Jane entry*
    Dear Jane,
    I am always late. I mean, it's a serious problem. For the last few years I have started to get really embarrassed. What should I do?
    - missalwayslate
    Dear Missalwayslate,
    Buy a watch and set it fifteen minutes, 20, 30 minutes early. Whatever takes you long(shower, hair, choosing clothes) set it the amount of minutes early that you need to do that! I'm sorry, but other than that i can't help.
    Hope you find a solution that works for ya' :)
    - Jane


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