Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Jane here on this lovely Tuesday morning.
So I've noticed all the other blogs I read have a 'follow' button.
So, I thought, why not have followers? I know why: because people don't WANT to follow.
And why would they want to do that? I guess something's missing from my blog. Comment and tell me what you think.

           Okay.So yesterday I went out to eat with my family and when I came home there was a package in my mailbox. Now: I'll put it in a story, using the name Bella as me.

       The navy blue jeep pulled up to a brick house and halted slowly. Bella's heart thumped as she popped open her door and ran to the mailbox. Yes! It had come. She hugged it to her chest closely and read her name on the package.
''For Bella D. From: Children's Literature Network.''
Bella rushed over to the door where her family calmly walked inside.  She placed the package on her desk.
'' Mom!"
''Yes, honey?"
''It came!"
Sounding like a six year old excited for the first day of school, Bella slowly untaped the package and peered inside. In the yellow envelope was a book. But not just any book.
She pulled it out tortorously, wondering why she did it so slowly. She anticipated opening the cover up. Inside the cover were two bookmarks. Bella read them aloud.
''Children's Literature Network,and Teens Literature Network.''
She put them beside her and opened up the next page. As she did so, she let out a squeal. There is was! An autograph right under Heather V. Frederick's name. She showed it to her mother, who had gotten the camera and video taped like a paparazzi.
 Bella giggled. She couldn't wait to blog about it!

        As you know, I am a big fan of HVF. She's my favorite author. So when I won the book giveaway, I about died. I've never won a giveaway before. So for the next week I stared out my window when the mail came and was disappointed for all those days. That was, until I saw the mail lady come with a package to our door as we drove off to the resturaunt(more like a joint).
It was really cool. Rosetyler01 from Searching the Clouds, I hope you don't mind if I use this gif:
That's an idea of how my face looked when I opened the package. Yeah. Think about this expression on Bella's face. ( I'll be posting pictures soon. Of the book, not my face. Not allowed to do that.)
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-Jane Blogger
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