Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Favorite Anne Quotes

 Anne as in Anne of Green Gables
Oh, how I love that book!

     My first favorite quote is when she 'loses' Marilla's brooch:
''Oh, amythests are like the souls of violets,''
Now, only Anne, would and could say something so lovely, so poetical like that. I adore Anne. She's definetly a literary sister. Just like the MDBC is the Mother Daughter Book Club I don't have in real life.
The next one is when Josie Pie, Jane, and Ruby announce to Anne about the Avery award.
''It's delightful to have grand plans. It makes life so interesting.''
 Now this may not be as lovely(or quite as poetical)  as the amythest quote, but it's the way she said it. Don't you love it? Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite books. The book before it, ''Before Green Gables,'' by Budge Wilson, is just as amazing. Depressing(this is a tear-maker, for sure) but just as amazing. It totally makes sense of how Mrs.Spencer came and got Anne and everything before that as well.
No spoilers, though. And I love the cover. I have become a sucker for good covers.
Mine was a hard cover, so it looked like this(the first one without the picture, but I have two so yeah):

  The cover will explain itself once you finish reading. I totally reccomend these books!

-In Need Of A Logo-

Jane Here.

So as I was looking across Awesome Book Assessment, and realized: 
Seriously--I mean, no professional website*scoff*should ever not have a logo. 
Am I right?
So this thought--this sudden thought--struck me over the head like a baseball bat, as Mrs.Sloane-Kinkaid would say(MDBC.).
   And with that, I venture into the logo-making world, with high hopes for beautiful logos and no price tags on them. If you catch my drift.
That's all I needed to say for today. Happy New Year!
- Jane Blogger

Alicia the Awesome

It was a chilly November morning.....

Okay, okay, I didn't REALLY meet Alicia the Awesome, but I fell across her blog and I must say it is one of the best I've read. I think I have three favorites: Awesome Book Assessment, Awkwordly Emma, and Searching the Clouds.
*puts hand on screen*
'Fellow book bloggers unite!'
Okay, anyway, Alicia is one of the best writers I know. You should really check out her blog, and it's mostly book reviews.  Best of all, she'll be hosting a post for a day :)
That should be right. Thanks, Alicia!
-Jane Blogger