Friday, December 27, 2013

My First Random Friday Post!

   Hello everyone! Happy Friday--and with this gleeful morning I bring Random Fridays.
My first one!
Writer's Problems

  Anyone else? Dreams, stray thoughts--whatever they can do to weasel themselves more lines on a page.

Writer's tongue, I suppose. It happens to me. Like, I'm sitting with a notebook or I'm dreaming characters up and I write and then I look up and forget how to speak. Some people say writers are the quiet ones.

This is true. I have the most trouble catching myself in words -- isn't that weird?

Well, that's all for today's Random Friday! Thanks, Awkwordly Emma!
- Jane Blogger    
I have a writer's problem:
 That moment when you realize the short sentence you thought up to make suspense really takes up two lines.

Bucket List~Awkordly Emma

Jane here, and here it is: My Bucket List. It's pretty pitiful.

1.  Break a Piano.
I mean, it always happens on TV but I want the pure thrill of hearing notes ring out gleefully.
2. Break a guiness world record.
Seriously, how do people do these things?
3. Like you, Emma, I would like to have a library in my cottage, which leads me to my next bullet.
4.  Own a cottage
        A cottage, the perfect place for a writer and dreamer. It'll be white or yellow with a little black roof and white lace curtains. In the spring there'll be a garden. It'll look so pretty, glazed with snow in the Winter.
5. Meet my favorite author.
 Oh, there are so many.
6. Get published--Oh how I would love to see my words in black print, sprawled across a white-as-snow page[wow, that's sounds poetic cx].
7. Get known in the Blogger World.

That's it, and as much as I hate to stop at a number like 7, I've drawn a couple of blanks. I'll update it later.
- Jane B.

Branching Out

 Hello and how'd ya  do? I'm fine.  But here's my problem:

  • I
  • need
  • new
  • books
  • desperately!
 No, seriously. I've been eating up The Wonder of Charlie Anne, but I need  new books. It's like;I have some book's parts memorized. SERIOUSLY. Anyway, I am going to release new info on myself.
  1. I want to be a teacher(I got a chalkboard for Christmas[does happy dance]!)
  2.  Or Broadway performer
  3. I have a brother who I love TO BITS [Did I already say that?]
  4.  I'm a cheerleader and an English/Book lover, which is kind of a weird mix.
  5. I'd like more people to read my blog because I've had different blogs over the years[some I created because I was bored] and finally this one seems to have the right theme.
I'd also like to be a Rockette someday, which is why some people think I'm a big dreamer.
That's all for now. I'm thinking of letting someone else host a post. What would you guys think of that?