Friday, December 13, 2013

Growing Up & New Story (I hope I can balance them all!)

    It'a Jane again-- Nice to virtually know that you're reading.
All I can say is: Growing up can be hard for both parents and children. I noticed this earlier today, that in order too survive that difficult stage of your life, you  need to help EACHOTHER. Why? If you're both going through the same problem, you'll need the same advice! Make sense, now?
 Be grateful for parents/people who love you.
I have another part of the story, and the new character is modeled after myself: Aveline ( aveline is not my real name, by the way)
Don't be surprised if i drop one of these suddenly. This is just a try-out charry.


    I flip the page anxiously and practically stumble over myself.
''Watch where you're going,'' My mother tells me sternly. My brown eyes blink and scan the page again, filling with tears.
It's  a story, Aveline--A character dying happened for a specific reason. It was inevitable. I tell myself sternly, blinking back the tears. My mom's brown eyes peer at me over her glasses, which have slipped to the tip of her nose. 
    I close the book, wishing the author had chosen differently between life or death. My mother teases me about caring too much about books-- but I can't hellp it...she was my favorite character.
''Mom, I need to get to the bus before I'm late!" I called, shrugging on my jacket.
'' Okay, love you, bye, I have to...'' My mom's voice drowns out before she finishes her sentance.
'' Kay, Love ya','' I say, swinging my backpack on and stuffing my book into my backpack.
''Wait!" My mom protests, coming toward me again. '' Happy first day of school,'' She says, kissing my forehead.
''Bye, mom,'' I say, exasperated.
''Okay,okay, go,'' My mom says, shooing me out.
I scurry toward the stop, silently. I have no friends here-- but I didn't mind as much  as most people would.
I close my eyes and jog up the bus stairs, breathing through my nose intensely.
''Caught it by the skin of your teeth,'' The bus driver says, her smile broad. Suddenly I realize thar I haven't had time to brush my hair.  But I have to smile when I realize she uses one of my favorite figuritive sayings, one that I thought only I used.
I pull my brown hair back into a sloppy ponytail, and cooly slide into a seat in the front of the bus. Behind me I hear a rowdy group of boys. A glow forms on my cheeks when I realize who they are.
'' Hey Christian! Nice cut!"I hear a boy tease.
''Had no time to go to the parlour so my ma did it,'' He said in a distinct Queens accent. I loved how he used parlour, and I felt my cheeks start to glow and I instantly crack my book open.
That is, until the drama starts.
'' Hey, looks like you got a cut before 7th grade, too!" Christian tells me, and for a second I think he's complimenting me on my bangs(that hide my left eye), until I see he's smirking.
''Yeah,'' I say cautiously, braiding it nervously.
  The boys start to crow with laughter and I whip around to face the window. It's a good thing nobody's next to me.
All I can think is: Seventh grade is off to a rough start.*

*Note: This might be a little awkward to read because it's about her growing up, so a lot of times it has ...personal thoughts (if you get my drift)

    I saw this on Random Fridays on STC(Searching the Clouds): I just wanted to re-share :)