Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Peice of Story


I spun around on my heel, screeching when I saw Lexi.
''What have you DONE?" I cried, placing my hands on her shaking shoulders. She was crying, her eyes watery. The hair styllist looked crushed.
'' It's BLACK,'' Lexi said flatly.
'' You'll look beautiful either way, Zez,'' I told her, trying not to sound too discouraging.
'' I look GOTH,'' She wailed. 
I sat next to her on the sofa, where a magazine showing a lady with the same haircut as Lexi--except on Lexi it looked like a hair block that you would put on a lego. It was boxy around her face, with wind-blown bangs--it replaced her wavy brunette hair. Her mascara was running from her crying.
'' i guess it isn't so BAD,'' She said, fingering it thoughtfully. The hairstylist brightened, then launched into a discussion about which conditioner she should use. When I saw Lexi the next morning, My mouth dropped open.
Fishnet tights, tight black leather skirt, scoop neck metallic shirt with a black leather jacket over it.
Black jewelry draped around her--well, everywhere. 
'' What have you done with my friend?" I gasped, but she popped her gum, rolled her eyes, then strode away with a girl I had never seen before.
 Behind me, I heard a patter of footsteps, someone jogging toward me from behind.
'' Hey Sarah,'' Samantha said, and I whipped around.
''Hi,'' I bark, and clipped to my words was fear. ''Sorry,'' I mumble.
'' What happened,'' Samantha asked, brown eyes glowing sympathetically.
'' Lexi's changed- I mean, I just saw her, and she was all,'' I cut myself off, searching for the right words.
'' Rebel-like?" Samantha says.
I nod. ''You saw her?"
''Yeah, and she ignored me too.''
How come you're not surprised? I wonder, and as if reading my thoughts, she says:
'' C;mon, Sarah. We were bound to drift away sometime.''