Sunday, December 8, 2013

This is the NEXT part of the Fanfiction

One word from Jane Blogger: Enjoy!


    I start to hyperventilate when I realize what's going on. 
'' Em, what's the matter?"
I can't answer. My mouth is too dry.
'' We don't need to send the texts,'' I croak.
''Why?" Says Becca, and even though I'm about to faint I think she's being dramatic.
''Mrs. Loomis published my book lampooning Stinkerbelle,'' I gasp. ''She must've found out!"
'' Oh no, guys. We can only imagine what Stinkerbelle will do to get back at you. Well, us.'' Megan says, and Cassidy blushes. We all know about Tristan. 
'' Why is she even in town?" Becca asks, when I'm finally done with my panic attack.
'' She wants to spend more time with Sophie-- at least that's what I've been told.'' Megan reports, fast as lightning.
'' Can't she just accept the fact that we're at least trying not to pull any pranks on her?" I say heatedly. ''And now look what she's done--going off and stealing my best friend .''
'' Woah,'' Cassidy crows, slapping me a high five. '' Way to get your Jane on!"
I blush. Normally Cassidy is the fiestiest of the girls in the group--well, it's a tie with her and Becca.
'' Why don't we go and try to 'comfort' her?" Megan asks. She's trying the hardest to get along with Stinkerbelle because Sophie and her are close. When she sees our puzzled expressions, she quickly says 'find out what shee has against us.'
'' But how do we know where she is?" I say, and my phone buzzes again. My friends wiggle anxiously.
I slip it out of my pocket again, and look at the message.
Stinkerbelle: Jess and I at the Concord Animal Shelter!
A picture is beside it of her holding up a kitten who's paws are up with nails revealed in protest.
'' Doesn't she normally do that with Savannah?" Becca asks.
''Duh, Annabelle met Savannah at the wedding, remember? She KNOWS she and Jess volunteer there.''
But when the next text comes in I hold my breath.

What in the world?