Friday, December 6, 2013

MDBC Chapter

 I have decided to make spin-off chapters, like Fanfiction for a chapter with an event happening to a member of The Mother- Daughter Book Club

Emma H.

''Jess, I just don't know what to write!'' I exclaim in horror. She turns around, blue eyes widened in shock.
'' Emma Jane Hawthrone, you're the LAST person I'd think of to run out of ideas for a story,'' She cries, flopping  onto my bed with her thick book of astronomy in her hand.
'' I've tried poetry--'' She lets out a little giggle, probably thinking of my ''Zach Attack'' poem way back in 6th grade. That gets a laugh now. '' I've trie-- well, every type of  writing there is.'' I finish miserably, and she closes her book, which breathes cold air.
'' Time for some writer-to-writer talk.'' 
 For a minute I don't understand what she means until she drags me down the hall to my author's office. 
His 'do not disturb--on deadline' sign isn't there, so  she pushes me into his office, sending me stumbling into the room and startling him.
''  What's up?" My dad says, swiveling toward me and taking another bite of his cookie.
'' I-I don't,'' I burst into tears before I could finish. Why was this happening? Was this a sign I shouldn't be a writer? My dad looks at me sympathetically.
'' Don't know what to write?" He asks, and I nod. He passes me a tissue. ''Skim through some favorites and search for information.''
 Sure enough, I brought down all my favorite book club reads, and devoured each part of them that I love. Perfect remedy.
''Thanks, dad,'' I say, and flutter my fingers at him. I was going to see what Jess was doing downstairs--more importantly, I was going to tell her my story's new plot.
 ''She said she had to go to Colonial because doors might close and she might get in trouble. Plus, she doesn't want to miss seeing Mrs. Crandall's kids.'' My mom tells me when she sees my puzzled look.
'' K,'' I say, and slide my phone out from my pocket. I'm dying to tell Megan and Jess ( her especially ) what my new story will be about. I always tell them about my stories. Well, Jess. I start to go to 'contacts' to send a text, but before I can, a text comes in.

 It's a picture of Annabelle Fairfax and Jess! Arm in arm, smiling sweetly. Jess looks sweet as usual-- Annabelle looks, well, poisonous. A text is sent beside the picture.

Stinkerbelle: See you soon!

I started to snicker when I saw ''Stinkerbelle''( Darcy somehow rigged my phone so that whenever Annabelle sends me a text it immediately transfers to the name ''Stinkerbelle )  but then my blood froze. My fingers go numb.
What in the world is Annabelle doing with Jess?