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Story Update!

Here's another part of my's very important
                  The walk to school was better than I expected it. No eighth grade bullies, no Mr. Amison run ins (that’s a different story).  When I got to school, I noticed something between Bonnie and Natasha. Unlike their usual chatty selves, they didn’t say a word to eachother. Natasha moped around solemnly while Bonnie sulked. Natasha had a cold and had what I call stale-bread skin.  Since she’s pale, when she has a cold her skin turns an almost pale brown (really, really pale), so much that it looks like a very light purple. Nobody stood next to her, but I decided to make an attempt.
‘’ Hi Natasha,’’ I say to her. She whipped around, looking startled. I couldn’t make out whether her eyes were blue or brown.
‘’Hi.’’ Her words were soft but flat, if that makes any sense. Those are the only words I can use to sum up how she spoke.
‘’You look down in the dumps,’’ I say bluntly. She raises an eyebrow, but tells me what’s going on.
‘’Me and Bonnie…well, Bonnie’s mad at me.’’  I didn’t ask why. While I was playing handball I heard the whole argument. I didn’t think it was too serious(I’ve been through worse), but obviously it was Natasha’s first time going through friendship troubles.
‘’ Revenge,’’ I say, taking a bite of an apple. ‘’Is best served to one who deserves it. And that Bonnie, she deserved it,’’ I add.
‘’ No way,’’ She sniffled. ‘’I’ll get in trouble.’’
‘’So? It would be totally worth it.’’
‘’ Well, I guess. What’re we going to do to her?”
‘’Well—‘’ I start, but she interrupts me.
‘’ Just one more thing…she’s been hanging out with this girl, Lizette, and I KNOW Lizette heard our argument. She smirks at me whenever she can.’’
‘’ Wait a minute, does Bonnie have a phone??” I ask, clearly plotting. Natasha nods. I beckon her to stand closer to me, and explain my plan.

‘’ But how will I be able to get her PHONE?” I wail over the landline to Natallie.
‘’Look.’’ She commanded in her blunt manner. ‘’Tell you what. I’ll do the phone-stealing, and you do the friendship bracelet stealing. Alright?”
I gulped. Was this going to work?
‘’Now I asked you to get a piece of looseleaf five minutes ago.  Have it?’’ She didn’t wait for me to answer, but I let her go on. ‘’ Write down your lie and cover-up , and read it out to me.’’
‘’ Okay, but you might have to be on hold for a while. Let me go get a CD so you can listen to some music while I think of a lie.’’
                 As I walk downstairs to get the CD, my mom eyes me suspiciously, and I wince. Why was I lying just to spite my once friend?
    I pop into the CD player the CD, and it groans twice before giving into the CD.
 I sit at my desk, wondering what I should lie about.
Dear Lizette,
We were never really friends anyway.
No, that’s too harsh! Am I really mad at Bonnie or Bonnie’s new friend for replacing me? I decided on the second one and ruled that that was a good choice because it would be easier to steal’s  bracelet anyway. Plus, that would be better because since Lizette has been known to be a fake, Bonnie would think that she had stepped into a trap of a mean girl disguised as a nice friend. Perfect.
‘’I just finished thinking of one. Give me a minute to write it down.’’
Natalie releases an exaggerated sigh.
Bonnie: Don’t you think these friendship bracelets are SO cute?
Lizette: Uh, um…
Bonnie: (narrows eyes) Where’s yours?
Lizette: Umm….it got lost in my makeup drawer
Bonnie: (sulk)

But HOW will I steal the bracelet? Wait, I know. I’ll do some dance moves near Bonnie, and naturally she’ll try to out-do me. Then I’ll do the jerk-jerk, side to side part, and I’ll make her bracelet extra loose when we’re on the lunch line…It’ll all work out.
For the next few minutes I explain my plan to Natalie, and she’s good with it. She says she needs to get her phone but we both need to do the dirty work. I guess I have to agree.
                  Our mission launches in one hour, when school starts. I’m nervous. The fourteenth of November was this Saturday. I wondered if Bonnie would still come.
‘’You ready,’’ I whisper to Natalie once  we’re out of earshot of Lizette and Bonnie, who’s arms are linked and faces beaming, but something tells me Lizette’s beam says ‘Best friend forever!’. It seems more like ‘Ha ha ha , loser.’  And her beam was enough to make someone feel like a loser. Guess who’d be the loser, now.
‘’ Definitely,’’ She replies. I see something shiny in her clenched hand. ‘’Is that?” I ask.
She nods. ‘’ But what if it rings?” I say, alarmed to the consequences that we might be facing if it went off. ‘’I already took care of that,’’ She says.’’ First I turned it on silent, then I locked myself out for seven hours by trying a thousand different passwords.’’ She grinned. ‘’ You’ll never believe how long it took  me.’’
‘’And seven hours is the amount left of school!” I say, excited. But we still had one part of the plan for me to do.
      At lunch I make sure to sit diagonal from Lizette . It’s really easy to unclench the bracelets. I would know…I got the same ones for me and Bonnie in the beginning of the year.  We get on the lunchline, and Bonnie cuts me. I let her. When her right hand is up, I quickly loosen the bracelet which is on her left and she’s not looking.
School goes by faster than I expected it to go, and I run to Natalie to see if she got the phone.
‘’Yes!”  I say when I see her under a bush right near the school.
‘’ Now, for the text, what should we write?’’ We see that Bonnie’s already sent a text.
 Bonnie: Hey Z-Z!
I shake my head in disgust. What a bad nickname! Natalie texts the letters into the box.
Liz:  Hey. I don’t think we should be friends anymore.
‘’ No no no! That’s too nice! She needs a taste of her own medicine.’’ I declare, feeling strangely brave.
Natalie plops the  phone in my hand. I delete the words Natalie had written but not sent.   

Liz:  Bernadette,
While looking at the news, I realized that you’re a low-life loser who doesn’t deserve my friendship.  Stay in your life, not mine, OK?
                                                                                   Hope you have fun with your FRIENDS,
                                                                                                       Lizette, which you will be calling me from now on.
      My fingers are trembling above the twinkling, tempting enter sign. Should I have mercy?
Before I can choose, Natalie pushes my finger down. Oh. No.
‘’Natalie, can you give Liz’s phone back?” I ask her, feeling giddy for some reason.
‘’Sure,’’ She says. ‘’ By the way, that was a killer text.’’ She grins. ‘’It killed their friendship.’’
We walk away, grinning at the prospects of seeing a feud between Bonnie and Lizette. I feel guilty, though, and like something’s not right. I really shouldn’t have done it.
Here's the NEXT part, folks. Hope you aren't tired of reading. Please comment!
                            I can’t wait to see Lizette today. We planned to  meet at lunch to see if we both wore our matching earrings. Lizette doesn’t take the bus, but I do, so I have to wait until I get to school to see her.
‘’ Hey Z!” I call out to her as loud as I can, through my cracked window. It’s chilly and I know my nose is like Ruldoph’s but I ignore the freezing wind  and smile at her. That is, until the bus screeches to a stop and I whip out my phone.
I gasp. My eyes start to water as I read my text.
Lizette: Bernadette,
While looking at the news, I realized that you’re a low-life loser who doesn’t deserve my friendship.  Stay in your life, not mine, OK?
                                                                                   Hope you have fun with your FRIENDS,
                                                                                                       Lizette, which you will be calling me from now on.
 The first two things I noticed were that one, her name was full, and two, mine was, too. I can’t help but let one tear fall. I scrub at it with the sleeve of my longsleeve shirt. Why would she send me this?
‘’ Hey Bonnie!” She chirps as I approach her reluctantly. I raise an eyebrow. ‘’What’s the matter?” She asks me, oblivious.
‘’So I guess we’re not friends anymore,’’ I say awkwardly.
‘’What? No!” Lizette exclaims, eyes widening. ‘’We’re besties, remember?” She says, holding up the hand where her bracelet was supposed to be.
‘’ What? But it was right here!’’ She says again, voice cracking. ‘’ And why would you think that we’re not friends anymore?”
‘’Really.’’ I say dryly. I hold the phone up, displaying her kind text (not).
‘’ I didn’t send that!!” She says, voice rising.
‘’ I don’t believe you, Lizette. I guess you really are a bully.’’ I say coldly, regretting my words as she whips around and runs away, black uniform shoes ( that she chose to wear ) tapping the ground. She’s wiping her eyes while running, and I feel guilty, even though she was the one who sent the mean text.
        Natasha’s birthday party was tomorrow, and I needed to see pros and cons of going. So while we were going over homework, I slid lined paper onto my lap and made a list.
         PROS                                                                                       CONS
~ Cake, ice cream                                                                   ~ I have to buy a gift.
~  Suppose her birthday’s at the movies                           ~ It’ll be awkward
And I REALLY want to see that new  Disney                      ~ What if the phone incident is brought up?
Movie, Dance for Life                                                             ~  What if she wasn’t expecting me and  Invited some  people who don’t like me or                                         people who don’t like me or    Something?                                     

Sorry about the line in the middle, it looked better in Microsoft Word text. Stay tuned for more bits!

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