Sunday, November 10, 2013

A story i'm working on

Hi, it's Jane here. So i've been working on a story called 'It takes two(to dance a duet)' I'm thinking of a different title because this one seems to be sending the wrong message. So here it is:
              I love to dance. Even when I’m doing something as simple as a leap, I’m a goner. It helps me cool off, and I’ve been doing it since I was 2. Whenever I think about it, it clears my mind.  But now, that all might change.
          My pink ballet flat steps onto the cold cement sidewalk. It’s a chilly September morning, and my mom blows me a kiss as a shaking me takes her first few steps onto middle school grounds.
‘’ Love you Natasha! Have fun!”
 I wave nervously back.  My mouth is dry so I can’t say I love you back, but she zooms off anyway, satisfied. I stand there feelings like an abandoned puppy. My skin is paling from nervousness. Not that I’m not pale already.  I wrap my black blazer around me. My black skirt barely covers my shaking knees.  The sound of chatter stings me like a dart , waking me out of my dreams of dance.
         I whip around, my dark brown hair flying, following me around.  I see a group of about 3 girls, all with thick blonde hair, heavy makeup, and I notice that they’re not wearing the uniform.  I feel like a deer in headlights. I freeze. They howl with laughter.
‘’ Uniform? You actually agreed to wearing it?”
 I turn around blindly. I clutch my lunchbox.  I see a girl with one similar to mine , walking up to where I am. The way it worked was if you went to the same school, you were in one group. No one else from my school came to my middle school, so I stood alone.  The girl had brown eyes, ginger hair, and she looked liked she danced….but not ballet, like me.
‘’I-I’m Natasha,’’ I say.
‘’Bonnie,’’ She answers stiffly.  She was wearing the same uniform as me, and her curly ginger hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall.  All of a sudden the eighth graders rush inside like milk. Seventh graders, then the tiny sixth graders like Bonnie and I toddle in awkwardly.
  I’m very confused as to where my class is,  but I was glad that most of my classes were on the first floor.  Bonnie was pretty nice about helping me find my class- she had been in the school a lot of times before because her brother Oliver is in eighth grade. I didn’t know anybody’s in my class’ name, except for Bonnie. She didn’t know anyone either, because she had come from some school in Long Island. I lived in Flushing, where my school was. We have an early lunch ‘ because we’re the babies’ as my mom and teacher described it, we have it 10:35. 
                     Lunch was crazy.  The cafeteria was huge, and I put my lunchbox  down at a corner table. Bonnie surprisingly put hers next to mine. So I decided to bring up a question.
‘’ So, Bonnie, what do you like do to?”
‘’ Well,’’ She starts. ‘’I dance.’’
‘’ What kind?”
‘’ Modern and a touch of lyrical,’’ She answers, taking a bite of her sandwich.
‘’Oh, I do ballet,’’ I say.
‘’Where do you take dance?” I ask.
‘’Stardance,’’ She replies. My eyes widen.
‘’Me, too!”
‘’No way!” She says, putting her sandwich down. She smiles, and it’s the first one I’ve seen. It’s very pretty. She doesn’t have  braces.
‘’ So are you coming to the meeting this Saturday? They’re announcing when the recital and dress rehearsal is, and they’re announcing if there are any solos, duets, or triples!” I say excitedly.
‘’ I had no idea about that! When is it?” She says, turning to face me.
‘’ This Saturday,’’ I say. The lunch aid hollers for us to get in a line so we can go outside.
Bonnie and I get into a line, chattering about past recital costumes, and funny before-recital fiascos.  It’s funny, I think. I’ve only known her for about 2 hours, and suddenly she’s like a best friend!
   When we get outside, although the playground is awfully huge, we find a quiet corner and decide to show eachother moves. I show her a pirouette, and she shows me a boxy move I have no idea what it’s called.    So then we do a little choreography together- we manage to do something together- I do a pirouette while she’s behind me doing a very pretty lyrical move that makes it look like she’s falling but she gets back up on her toes.
‘’ It was such a good day!” I say, falling on the couch. ‘’ I made a friend who goes to the same dance studio as me!”
‘’ Hmm? What’s her name?’’
‘’Bonnie. Her real name is Bernadette, though. She hates it. She takes lyrical and modern.’’
‘’Very nice,’’ My mom raises her eyebrows and inclines her head, giving my new friend her official stamp of approval.
              So the week came and went, and me and Bonnie were very good friends. Saturday finally came, and when my mom dropped me off at the studio, I saw Bonnie sitting on the chair across from the head dance teacher’s husband. They run it together. Last year he proposed to her. It’s nice. I breathe a sigh of relief. I thought Bonnie wouldn’t come. But it turns out they didn’t even start.  I hop on the stool next to her.
‘’ Bonnie!” I say.
‘’Hey Nat!” She says back, rushing to greet me. I smile and go into the studio to show her some moves I’ve been dying to show her.
     I show her them, then she shows me some moves.
‘’Wow, you’re good!”
‘’Thanks,’’ She blushes, her cheeks turning the shade of  wild red her hair has turned. Mood-hair, I suppose?
             Everyone eventually came, but me and Bonnie stuck close together. The head teacher, Miss Clara, announced something I never thought I’d hear.
‘’ Bonnie and Natasha, doing a duet. You two will be doing , Future.  Bonnie plays the future, Natasha, you play the past.’’ She beams at us.  I beam back, and I look over at Bonnie, she gives me a look. I return the look with a raised eyebrow.
‘’So do you accept the duet?”
‘’Yes, Miss Clara,’’ I reply immediately.
 Bonnie merely nods her head.
             Miss Clara said that our first practice would be in 2 days- a Monday afternoon at 5:30. We would have to practice with our costumes, because they played a big part in the dance. We both agreed to get the money by the following Friday after that Monday.
               So Monday came again- and I learned that the 5 girls I saw at the first day of school got detention for not wearing the uniform. In fact, I saw them inside the principal’s office when I went in to get my lunchbox. They sneered at me ( all three, in unison! How do they do that?), but they couldn’t even bother me when I realized they were sneering at ME when THEY were in the principal’s office.  I knew that now that I was in middle school, having a lunchbox was babyish, but at the same time I didn’t want to let them effect my decisions on what I was going to do. When I told Bonnie, she agreed.
‘’They’re just idiots that you have to deal with- they’re laughing at you now, but think, who’s gonna be the youngest one in school next year? That’s right, them.’’
 Bonnie’s pep talk made me feel good, like a slap on the back that massages that little muscle, or cool water going on your face when you’re not expecting it. I nod . Bonnie was right. They were in no place, even if they’re older than us. Even though I nod, I still have doubt.
‘’Are all eighth graders like that?” I say quietly. I look around me. This is like being an ice cube, trapped in a realm of fire.
‘’ No way!” Bonnie says. I’m not sure if she’s talking about my question, or is she exclaiming like that in response to the food fight between 7 eighth graders in front of us. She turns to me.
‘’ My brother can be a real doof sometimes, but he wouldn’t make you feel like a loser if he wasn’t mad at you.’’
‘’ I guess….but the majority of eighth graders looks like such….stupid people. Like,’’ I say, looking for words to explain.  ‘’ If you start a food fight, you know you’re going to get in trouble. And who would want that?” I say, confused.
‘’ Nat, it’s just like this: They. Want . Attention. Their mothers and fathers probably don’t care.’’
I shrug.

          So that was our conversation. That day was practice, so me and Bonnie would see eachother again to practice Future. 
'' Bonnie, come on! You're not getting this choreography.'' I whine wearily.
'' I can't help it if i don't dance BALLET,'' She says stubbornly.
''Come on, it's pirouette, pirouette pirouette, point, leap, leap, and fall. You've got the pirouette part down!"
I say. ''Let's try it again.''
     Future is a dramatic peice, with a dramatic classical peice in the beginnning, then after a couple of big clashes of symbols, we fall and that's where Future comes in, and we do a modern-style dance with a lot of complicated moves. Our costumes are cool. For the first part i wear a white sundress and sparkly black gloves, and the background is black, and for that part Bonnie plays my shadow. When we fall, Bonnie falls behind me and takes off her black bodysuit, revealing a vibrant paint-splattered shirt with metallic silver pants and blue techno glasses.
'' Fine,'' She says, and gets up from her crouching position.
''A one-two-three and pirouette, pirouette, pirouette point, leap leap, fall,'' I say.
''That was perfect, guys! Let's work on the modern part of it.'' Miss Clara says, clapping her hands. 
''Okay, so you're gonna jerk your elbow to the left with your left, then same to right.'' It feels weird learning a type of dance i've never learned before. But i have to , because in this part of the dance Bonnie is in front and i'm behind. I look in the mirror and see Bonnie watching me. She didn't have to learn this peice. I make a face at her, but do the moves. 
''Okay,so now you're gonna jerk them out at the same time, bring them above your head, and fall back into a bridge.''
I try the bridge, but fail miserably and bump my head on the ground.
''I can't do this,'' I mumble.
''Yes you can,'' Miss Clara says sternly, heling me up. ''You're a dancer. I know you can.''
Those were the only words i needed to hear.

MakeupModeling Pic

 Hi, it's Jane here....                                                                                                      11/10/13
 So as i was chosen for round 1 in makeupmodeling, i was asked to take a picture of the doll who inspires me the most on Stardoll.

My inspiration?: My best friend, AjHeart1234
Pic :

I hope you like it!