Friday, November 8, 2013

Dear Jane letters

                    Dear Jane,
I want to start a blog but have NO idea how!!! Also,I can't find a fitting name or design of the sight! Not to forget the theme! Can you help me?
Dear Clueless,
       Darling, the site you are on is a blogging site! Need more help? Please visit my friend, Mrs.Google. She will have information with you ready.  Now, the name and design is up to you. The  name should reflect the theme, and the theme should be something you would be okay with writing aboiut constantly, and the design should reflect your personality. Thanks for your question, i hoped i helped.
( Oh by the way, i might add a verse if the topic is something serious. If it's something like 'i left my glasses in the bathroom and they fell and broke what should i do' then i probably will not)
                                                                                                                       -Jane Blogger
                                    Here is what i MAY look like( research me and you will find out):

So is it me?Find out in my next blog.

            Hello again! Jane here. So i have noticed that my readers might be getting bored with my blogs. Well, there's a big reveal today!!!!

           I am looking for TWO other bloggers who will fit the bill. They will be reporters for my blog. So, i'm wondering; how can i get other writers on? Well, i'll do some research on blogspot and see what i can brainstorm. The reporter must.........
1. They can write about their opinion on the topic given to write about, but please do not target anyone who disagrees with you.(comments, etc.)
2. Not too serious/goofy
3. Must be acceptable writers.

       So i am taking appilications if you would like the job. Please send me a link to maybe another blogging site, a sharetext, or even a Word document if possible. If not, just comment! :)

          Also, Jane Blogger(me, myself, I) would like to announce that there is an advice coloumn starting, as well as a weekly fashion pick. I will try to balance my blogs, but if i cannot i might as well drop one (most likely the advice coloumn or fashion pick. The main reason of the site is to be a reporting/feelings site.Plus, i do not think i can give any more information on me. Sorry for the let-down!)
             I'm very sorry to anyone who enjoyed reading this. I cannot give any more information about myself, and if you have questions you want answered about me, just post them in a comment below!
                       Thank you so very much, have a wonderful day.

                                                                                                          - Jane Blogger