Monday, November 4, 2013

The First Post of the Blog--How exciting!

 Hi, my name is Jane. Well, i'll  be using it for now until i feel comfortable with using my real name. I just created this new blog to talk about anything and everything. It's supposed to be ''for girls onlly'' but whatever. Please don't make any snide comments in the box below...Please. If you have a problem get out with it and i will kindly delete it right after i reply saying thank you for your opinion.  

            So, now that i have started my blog, i'm not really sure what to write about. I want to know more about my readers, in order to know what to write about. So, in order to do that, i have posted some questions below that you could send me a link to a sharetext post or something......
but please answer!
1. What's your dream job?
2. Do you have a blog?
3. What do you think my next post should be about? 

                I know they're cheesy and whatever, but i think that I like them, and i think that it will make it easier for me to write. In case you didn't know, here are some facts about me:
1. I am a writer, dancer, actress, reader, and in some people's opinion, an overacheiver.
2. I love the: teens, 50's,60's,70's,80's, and 90's. I'm not so sure about some things in today's world.
3. I was born in August.
4. My favorite color is pink.
5. I'm starting this blog because i can share problems with others ( to get advice, not to burden ya'll)and see different ways of coping with things.
6. I'm not going to give a lot of personal information other than my interests, month of birth, and other things such as preferances in style types and stuff like that.
8. I'm a girl.
9.  I'm a christian.
10. I have nothing else to say, but it drives me crazy when someone stios at like 9( another thing you should know about me)

    I love to do things like this, and other things like surveys, debates (opinions), and advice coloumns. 
I spell things the british way just because i love the way it sounds when you read it for the first time:(Paycheck: paycheque, color:colour,gray:grey, etc.)
 So, i hoped you liked finding more about me.Oh, and by the way, if you comment about facts about me with negitivity, then i'll gladly inform you that i would never trade my place with anybody else. Thanks for reading!!Check in soon......
                                                                                      -Jane Blogger