Friday, December 27, 2013

My First Random Friday Post!

   Hello everyone! Happy Friday--and with this gleeful morning I bring Random Fridays.
My first one!
Writer's Problems

  Anyone else? Dreams, stray thoughts--whatever they can do to weasel themselves more lines on a page.

Writer's tongue, I suppose. It happens to me. Like, I'm sitting with a notebook or I'm dreaming characters up and I write and then I look up and forget how to speak. Some people say writers are the quiet ones.

This is true. I have the most trouble catching myself in words -- isn't that weird?

Well, that's all for today's Random Friday! Thanks, Awkwordly Emma!
- Jane Blogger    
I have a writer's problem:
 That moment when you realize the short sentence you thought up to make suspense really takes up two lines.


  1. I agree with both of these~ I do most of my reading at night, get into bed at 10:00 and usually have to stop myself at 12 so I get at least SOME sleep. And a lot of my friends don't read- that's why I went into book blogging! And it's crazy but my boyfriend doesn't read either. How do I stand him? haha.

    1. IKR. Constantly. One of these days I'll link a Random Friday to one of my favorite quotes: My bed is a time machine. One moment it's ten o'clock, and the next it's 1:15, haha. :)


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