Saturday, December 7, 2013

Continuation of the Fanfiction!

   This is another fancfiction of the one before- enjoy!


I stare at my phone and try really hard to figure out what's going on. Could Darcy know?
'' Darcy!" I call, but immediately realize he's at Dartmouth. I miss him.
Instead, I look to my sistren. My reply all means - All of the Mother-Daughter Book Club!(Except for Jess)

Emma: Guys! Just got a text from Stinkerbelle saying see you later!
Megan: Well you get the occasional text from Annabelle, right?
Emma: Well this time a pic was tagged with it! Of her and Jess taking a pic!
Cassidy: When did it happen?
Emma: Right after Jess left I got it!
Becca: This is an emergency. Meet me at my house if you can today. R u busy, Cass?
Cassidy: Nope. No games till a week. Finally a break!
Emma: ASAP Becca's house!

I couldn't beleive it. 
'' Dad I'm going over to Becca's-- that okay?"
''Sure, Ems. Don't come back too late.''
'' I won't. ''
I sprinted to the door and swung it open. I decided that I'd walk- their house isn't so far away.
When I get there  I see Megan and Cassidy talking to Becca. She's kind of the leader( the take-charge kind, like her mother) of our sistren and so she's the one who'd sort everything out. Cassidy is't too hot on pranks now, but we still love to get our Jane on.
''Hey guys,'' I say breathlessly as they let me in. My heart starts pounding.
''Let me see your phone, Em,'' Cassidy says, holding out her hand. Megan and Becca crane over her shoulder to see the picture and text.
'' I can see it-- Right,'' She pauses before tapping the message with her fingernail.
''Open it!" Megan and Becca whine on cue anxiously.
'' Okay, okay, guys.'' 
The phone makes a 'clinky' sound and the message opens, and as the message opend, my friend's mouths opened.
'' Stinkerbelle sent you that?" Cassidy crows, incredulous.
 I nod sadly. 
'' Right when I was going to send Jess a text about my new story - a family on a farm who suddenly has to--'' I start to rant on my story before Becca clasps her hand over my mouth.
'' Off topic, Em.''
'' I have an idea,'' Says megan suddenly, startling us. '' Why don't we say, Jess can you come over to my house ASAP- Then send Annabele a text saying see you where?'' 
I think it over, cautiously. '' Good thinking, Megs,'' I declare, and feel confident because neither of them are lies.
But something goes terribly wrong.

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