Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another Small Post

So it's Jane Blogger again.
So it may not may Mother's Day or even Christmas ( My favorite holiday) just yet, but I realized a couple of days ago that my mom helps me with a lot. So take time to say thanks to your mom, give thanks if you had a mom, and enjoyed  her while she was with you.
   Moms can do a lot. Thanks, mom. * wipes eyes with sleeve and sniffs *
A totally unrelated question/survey:
 So I'm working on a story, and here are the names of the characters so far ( the mom is fake, and Wilfelma and Riley are best friends, and Ethel is Wilfelma's sister, Bif is a fostered sister)
1. Wilfelma ( main character
2. Riley (second main)
3. Mom ( undecided name yet, a big part of the story)
4. Ethel ( side character for Wilfelma, major character for Riley)
5. Bif ( A major character for Wilfelma)

    Please help me with these names! They sound horrible, I know.  Please give more ideas for me!!!!

 Please respond to this Mystery Character Weekly Post!
- She's a small girl of the age of 6
- Brown hair
- Bright green eyes
- Peachy skin with a few freckles across her nose

 Now it's your job to make her personality, name, and even change the age if you want! ||I got this inspiration from Saturday Story Starters of HVF's blog- Thanks Mrs. Frederick!||
   Next week I will try to mash all your ideas together to mold one character-- and even make a backstory. I will take suggestions!


  1. I actually really like 'K' names. I have a post on that (:

    1. I saw the blog post, it's really good! I think I might use 'Kitty.'
      So what did you think of ' The Scarlet Letter'?
      - Thanks, Jane


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