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Wish You Were 'Eyre Book Review

 Hello there again, It's Jane.
She has just finsihed Wish You were 'Eyre by Heather Vogel Frederick!( She has also finsihed speaking in the third person.) So here it is.

     In the beginning of the book, it's Megan's sweet sixteen--but it's anything but sweet. Sophie Fairfax, cousin of Annabelle Fairax ( The Queen Bee who had it out for Emma two years ago in England), is staying with the Wongs because of a mix-up(long story short, her parents are getting a divorce and her grandfather doesn't think it's a good idea to expose her to it).  Lucky Megan- a kitten-stealing tres chic French girl is coming to stay with her! And worst of all- she's in their book club!

                     I have to say that I sided with the girls in the beginning of the book, but I guess that shows a sign of a what a good author HVF is,  because she was able to persuade me almost immediately. I also admit that I was a bit disappointed to see that she joined the book club I had come to know and love, but I also felt that when Becca joined and now she's one of my favorite characters! Speaking of Becca, she finds her own Mr. Rochester,(literally!) when Gram takes her to Minnesota. Cassidy is struggling with matters of the heart, too, because she's now torn between Tristan and Zach Norton. I can't say which one she chooses.
   As for Emma, Kitten-Stealing--
I'm giving away all the details of the story! Sorry it's just that this is my first book review. I'd say five stars for the closing book of TMDBC, and I'm sad to say goodbye to my favorite literary sisters( I have one brother, who I love, but sometimes I cling to my literary sisters. I guess I'd love to be Emma Hawthorne's sister, because I can relate to her most. Now Megan[Slip-up!!])

               In conclusion, you should really read this book. If you can't stand change, you'll cry, beleive me, I almost did( I was able to contain my.....____*) It shows how friendship can grow, change, and strengthen as girls and women alike grow more mature and deal with struggles. Hope you like it!
                                                                                                 -Jane Blogger
*= A certain emotion that will not be revealed. I don't want to give spoilers.

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Story Update!

Here's another part of my's very important
                  The walk to school was better than I expected it. No eighth grade bullies, no Mr. Amison run ins (that’s a different story).  When I got to school, I noticed something between Bonnie and Natasha. Unlike their usual chatty selves, they didn’t say a word to eachother. Natasha moped around solemnly while Bonnie sulked. Natasha had a cold and had what I call stale-bread skin.  Since she’s pale, when she has a cold her skin turns an almost pale brown (really, really pale), so much that it looks like a very light purple. Nobody stood next to her, but I decided to make an attempt.
‘’ Hi Natasha,’’ I say to her. She whipped around, looking startled. I couldn’t make out whether her eyes were blue or brown.
‘’Hi.’’ Her words were soft but flat, if that makes any sense. Those are the only words I can use to sum up how she spoke.
‘’You look down in the dumps,’’ I say bluntly. She raises an eyebrow, but tells me what’s going on.
‘’Me and Bonnie…well, Bonnie’s mad at me.’’  I didn’t ask why. While I was playing handball I heard the whole argument. I didn’t think it was too serious(I’ve been through worse), but obviously it was Natasha’s first time going through friendship troubles.
‘’ Revenge,’’ I say, taking a bite of an apple. ‘’Is best served to one who deserves it. And that Bonnie, she deserved it,’’ I add.
‘’ No way,’’ She sniffled. ‘’I’ll get in trouble.’’
‘’So? It would be totally worth it.’’
‘’ Well, I guess. What’re we going to do to her?”
‘’Well—‘’ I start, but she interrupts me.
‘’ Just one more thing…she’s been hanging out with this girl, Lizette, and I KNOW Lizette heard our argument. She smirks at me whenever she can.’’
‘’ Wait a minute, does Bonnie have a phone??” I ask, clearly plotting. Natasha nods. I beckon her to stand closer to me, and explain my plan.

‘’ But how will I be able to get her PHONE?” I wail over the landline to Natallie.
‘’Look.’’ She commanded in her blunt manner. ‘’Tell you what. I’ll do the phone-stealing, and you do the friendship bracelet stealing. Alright?”
I gulped. Was this going to work?
‘’Now I asked you to get a piece of looseleaf five minutes ago.  Have it?’’ She didn’t wait for me to answer, but I let her go on. ‘’ Write down your lie and cover-up , and read it out to me.’’
‘’ Okay, but you might have to be on hold for a while. Let me go get a CD so you can listen to some music while I think of a lie.’’
                 As I walk downstairs to get the CD, my mom eyes me suspiciously, and I wince. Why was I lying just to spite my once friend?
    I pop into the CD player the CD, and it groans twice before giving into the CD.
 I sit at my desk, wondering what I should lie about.
Dear Lizette,
We were never really friends anyway.
No, that’s too harsh! Am I really mad at Bonnie or Bonnie’s new friend for replacing me? I decided on the second one and ruled that that was a good choice because it would be easier to steal’s  bracelet anyway. Plus, that would be better because since Lizette has been known to be a fake, Bonnie would think that she had stepped into a trap of a mean girl disguised as a nice friend. Perfect.
‘’I just finished thinking of one. Give me a minute to write it down.’’
Natalie releases an exaggerated sigh.
Bonnie: Don’t you think these friendship bracelets are SO cute?
Lizette: Uh, um…
Bonnie: (narrows eyes) Where’s yours?
Lizette: Umm….it got lost in my makeup drawer
Bonnie: (sulk)

But HOW will I steal the bracelet? Wait, I know. I’ll do some dance moves near Bonnie, and naturally she’ll try to out-do me. Then I’ll do the jerk-jerk, side to side part, and I’ll make her bracelet extra loose when we’re on the lunch line…It’ll all work out.
For the next few minutes I explain my plan to Natalie, and she’s good with it. She says she needs to get her phone but we both need to do the dirty work. I guess I have to agree.
                  Our mission launches in one hour, when school starts. I’m nervous. The fourteenth of November was this Saturday. I wondered if Bonnie would still come.
‘’You ready,’’ I whisper to Natalie once  we’re out of earshot of Lizette and Bonnie, who’s arms are linked and faces beaming, but something tells me Lizette’s beam says ‘Best friend forever!’. It seems more like ‘Ha ha ha , loser.’  And her beam was enough to make someone feel like a loser. Guess who’d be the loser, now.
‘’ Definitely,’’ She replies. I see something shiny in her clenched hand. ‘’Is that?” I ask.
She nods. ‘’ But what if it rings?” I say, alarmed to the consequences that we might be facing if it went off. ‘’I already took care of that,’’ She says.’’ First I turned it on silent, then I locked myself out for seven hours by trying a thousand different passwords.’’ She grinned. ‘’ You’ll never believe how long it took  me.’’
‘’And seven hours is the amount left of school!” I say, excited. But we still had one part of the plan for me to do.
      At lunch I make sure to sit diagonal from Lizette . It’s really easy to unclench the bracelets. I would know…I got the same ones for me and Bonnie in the beginning of the year.  We get on the lunchline, and Bonnie cuts me. I let her. When her right hand is up, I quickly loosen the bracelet which is on her left and she’s not looking.
School goes by faster than I expected it to go, and I run to Natalie to see if she got the phone.
‘’Yes!”  I say when I see her under a bush right near the school.
‘’ Now, for the text, what should we write?’’ We see that Bonnie’s already sent a text.
 Bonnie: Hey Z-Z!
I shake my head in disgust. What a bad nickname! Natalie texts the letters into the box.
Liz:  Hey. I don’t think we should be friends anymore.
‘’ No no no! That’s too nice! She needs a taste of her own medicine.’’ I declare, feeling strangely brave.
Natalie plops the  phone in my hand. I delete the words Natalie had written but not sent.   

Liz:  Bernadette,
While looking at the news, I realized that you’re a low-life loser who doesn’t deserve my friendship.  Stay in your life, not mine, OK?
                                                                                   Hope you have fun with your FRIENDS,
                                                                                                       Lizette, which you will be calling me from now on.
      My fingers are trembling above the twinkling, tempting enter sign. Should I have mercy?
Before I can choose, Natalie pushes my finger down. Oh. No.
‘’Natalie, can you give Liz’s phone back?” I ask her, feeling giddy for some reason.
‘’Sure,’’ She says. ‘’ By the way, that was a killer text.’’ She grins. ‘’It killed their friendship.’’
We walk away, grinning at the prospects of seeing a feud between Bonnie and Lizette. I feel guilty, though, and like something’s not right. I really shouldn’t have done it.
Here's the NEXT part, folks. Hope you aren't tired of reading. Please comment!
                            I can’t wait to see Lizette today. We planned to  meet at lunch to see if we both wore our matching earrings. Lizette doesn’t take the bus, but I do, so I have to wait until I get to school to see her.
‘’ Hey Z!” I call out to her as loud as I can, through my cracked window. It’s chilly and I know my nose is like Ruldoph’s but I ignore the freezing wind  and smile at her. That is, until the bus screeches to a stop and I whip out my phone.
I gasp. My eyes start to water as I read my text.
Lizette: Bernadette,
While looking at the news, I realized that you’re a low-life loser who doesn’t deserve my friendship.  Stay in your life, not mine, OK?
                                                                                   Hope you have fun with your FRIENDS,
                                                                                                       Lizette, which you will be calling me from now on.
 The first two things I noticed were that one, her name was full, and two, mine was, too. I can’t help but let one tear fall. I scrub at it with the sleeve of my longsleeve shirt. Why would she send me this?
‘’ Hey Bonnie!” She chirps as I approach her reluctantly. I raise an eyebrow. ‘’What’s the matter?” She asks me, oblivious.
‘’So I guess we’re not friends anymore,’’ I say awkwardly.
‘’What? No!” Lizette exclaims, eyes widening. ‘’We’re besties, remember?” She says, holding up the hand where her bracelet was supposed to be.
‘’ What? But it was right here!’’ She says again, voice cracking. ‘’ And why would you think that we’re not friends anymore?”
‘’Really.’’ I say dryly. I hold the phone up, displaying her kind text (not).
‘’ I didn’t send that!!” She says, voice rising.
‘’ I don’t believe you, Lizette. I guess you really are a bully.’’ I say coldly, regretting my words as she whips around and runs away, black uniform shoes ( that she chose to wear ) tapping the ground. She’s wiping her eyes while running, and I feel guilty, even though she was the one who sent the mean text.
        Natasha’s birthday party was tomorrow, and I needed to see pros and cons of going. So while we were going over homework, I slid lined paper onto my lap and made a list.
         PROS                                                                                       CONS
~ Cake, ice cream                                                                   ~ I have to buy a gift.
~  Suppose her birthday’s at the movies                           ~ It’ll be awkward
And I REALLY want to see that new  Disney                      ~ What if the phone incident is brought up?
Movie, Dance for Life                                                             ~  What if she wasn’t expecting me and  Invited some  people who don’t like me or                                         people who don’t like me or    Something?                                     

Sorry about the line in the middle, it looked better in Microsoft Word text. Stay tuned for more bits!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Hi! It's Jane!
So since today is Thanksgiving, I would like you to share what you are thankful for! Even if it is for something we take for granted, it is good to be thankful for what we have. So what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I'm thankful for books, the Alphabet, and words. Please share any way you want!
                                                                      - Jane Blogger

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Just a small post

    Hello, Jane again-
 I have noticed I am getting more followers and readers, so I encourage all of you to send me your bllog adresses- I love to read and I love reading other people's blogs!!

    I want to make a shout out to Alicia the Awesome
It'a fine if you don't finish a story- it's just that maybe you need to think a little more of how you want the story to end, and how you'll get to that. It helps me when I do that, so maybe it could help you too :)
It happens to me all the time, and it does get frustrating. And sometimes, well, the story doesn't finish, but I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Good luck on your stories!
 I have something to ask you all some writing questions
1. Which is your preferance, first or third person?
2. If you could bring one character to life from a book, who would it be? And vice versa.
3. Describe your dream comedy character
    I can't wait to see your entries :)          Oh by the way, i'm sorry if today's post was short. I'm working on my story so things've been a little mixed

                                                                                           -Jane Blogger

My story isn't going anywhere!!! I've been trying to get Bonnie and Natasha to make up but i can't seem to find a way! Sorry guys...I hope i don't sound too uppity

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Welcome, Heather Vogel Frederick!

 Jane here, and this is inspired by Megan Wong in book 4 where she starts a blog as Fashtionista Jane!!!!
You've got me all toungue tied. What's a girl to do when her favorite author might be reading?
  So I felt really stupid when i realized you don't give critiques, so i'm so sorry for sending you that message!
Anyway, it's nice to know that an author will read your writing.
    I hope you will stay tuned for more stories and posts!
Oh, and I just finished reading 'Home for the Holidays,' and decided to actually look up Delos Lovelace. It turns out that my thoughts of Zach Norton were totally different! I also did some research on Jane Austen. It's really cool how I actually found the picture Megan 'used' for her picture of herself on her blog. I have it on a post below this. So I found myself doing some research on all of your books, basically. I have to say that it was fun looking up things said in books and finding them.

              I can only hope that this blog will be as humorous and popular as Megan's was- except hers was popular and humorous for( As Wolfgang said it)'too much snarky and not enough sweet.'
 I hope you don't mind me using so many refereances to your books. It's just that i'm like Emma Hawthrone(Uggh! Here I go AGAIN!!), she thinks through books.
       Well, I guess that's all for now. It would be so cool if you could release another book, or even one from the mothers' perspective! Good luck on your new book.
                                                                                                    - Jane
 There's a picture I found that I thought was so good and accurate!
Another genius pic:
  I always pictured Darcy to look just like Emma.

So could I get some reccomendations?

 Okay- so, as I said before: I LOVE to write, read, and say words. So this might sound weird, but does anyone know any really good books that they like? I'm not really into sci-fi or gore.
 So, I know no one's reading this, and I decided I should have a notebook all to myself( This is a reference to Emma Hawthrone in the MDBC series)--just for jotting down ideas. I read in a book once ( Book 4 of The Mother Daughter Book Club, by Heather Vogel  Frederick) that ideas are like stray cats- the come at the most unexpected times and if you don't take care of them and give them attention they'll just, well, go away.
   Well, i'm bursting with stray cats and haven't gotten a notebook. So therefore for now, this is my notebook.
My ideas:
1. Reveal more on Natalie's mom's persona( sparkly, bubbly, dazzly, flashy, just like Miss Jasmine)
2. The rivalry between Natalie's mom and Bonnie's mom needs to come to a truce at some point of the story- then needs to be broken again
3. Could i write a letter to Heather Vogel Frederick to get some pointers?
4. Write more poems.....I need inspiration
5. Think of using more details in looks
 Thanks for listening to boring self-notes. I really appreciate it.

Heather Vogel Frederick? I know you might be reading this- and so I will add the next part of the story below so you can also give me some pointers on this next part:
I tried my best to get back up, and tried the step again.
Jerk and bend and jerk and right, arms over, and backbend
I manage to get every step, but the backbend went down too quickly.
I’m gonna have to learn a lot  in 5 months.
People say that me and my mom are like Laverne and Shirley. Which is true.  Aside from Nat and a couple of old friends from Long Island, Mom is the best. Her name is Lindsey, but of course I would never call her that.  The honk of a New York cab driver snaps me out of my wandering thoughts. My mom apologizes cheerily as he zooms near us, hollers something at us for jaywalking(when the sign is red), and smiles at me as we run across the street. My mom has brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. Her cheeks are pink because of the wintery wind that’s beating against us. We laugh as we run, her gloved hand against mine. Her high heel boots tap the cement sidewalk as my Uggs thump. We finally reach the store, and we double over with laughter. We both wheeze and gasp for air, and when we’re done, my mom crooks my hand into her elbow and we walk into a store.  My wind-blown red hair is bouncing against my shoulders, and it bobs up and down vigorously as I run toward the high heel section and try one pair on, then display my feet to my mom. She shakes her head, but laughs.  She finds herself a soft gray pair of winter boots, while I find some bright red combats that make me feel like a clown. I kind of liked the style and color, though.  Now onto clothes. My mom prods me to wear a ‘poke-your-eyeballs-out pink shirt/dress that goes down just below my knees, but  I refuse. Poke-out-yours-eyeballs-pink is what I call shades of pink that would look horrible with my hair: it would make me look too flashy. I spot a faux fur white sleeveless vest  that would go perfect with the sleek magenta longsleeve shirt I have at home, but when I check the pricetag I practically shriek.
My mom shoots me another sharp glance, and points her finger to her lips. She’s not mad.
‘’ Not happening.’’
I grin sheepishly.
‘’Sorry,’’ I say, failing to put the vest back on the rack correctly, so all of it falls. I see a store clerk looking at me sharply. She has poofed up old lady hair, and I whip around fast enough so my mom can see that she’s approaching.  I hear a phone turn on, then I hear a small amount of air being sucked up. That’s not my mom.She’s never worried, afraid, or mad.I glance back at the lady, then burst out giggling when I see her closely. She obviously can’t apply makeup. My mom has already started to make a run for it, and I quickly follow her.
‘’Bonnie,  you need to stop getting us in trouble.’’ She has a small, miniscule twinkle in her eye though. She sounds exasperated. I squint at her. She’s NEVER—and I mean never—been exasperated with me. Something’s up……
‘’Sorry,’’ I repeat, without the sheepish grin. I puzzle for the rest of the time over what could be different. I review past events in my head.
First. Cab driver event : Mom = happy
Next: Expensive  vest: Mom = Still happy but not wanting to get in trouble.
Last: Old lady hears me drop everything : Mom = mad mad mad
    What could be wrong?  There was nothing  I could do about my mom being mad. I couldn’t be Super-Bonnie if Super-Bonnie didn’t even have a problem to solve…  So we spent the rest of the night with a small wedge between us that I couldn’t stand to face.. The more ways I thought of pushing the wedge over, the more afraid I got. Had I noticed Mom was mad for a bad reason? What if now that I knew I wouldn’t stop obsessing over it?
 It’s always been that way: Mom and Bonnie, partners in crime. But this time the familiar phrase just doesn’t ring true.
 That night I laid awake at night, thinking of what could happen. All of a sudden I hear a door slam.  I close my eyes as someone steps into my room. A familiar someone, with almost no hair and spectacles. One spectacle with a crack- but perfect otherwise. It’s Daddy.
He whispers a prayer in my ear, the familiar one about me being precious and hoping for it to stay that way. When he’s done, he kisses my forehead. With a pang, everything comes to me. It all makes sense. tears come to my eyes and I came help but let them flow. My dad doesn’t suspect a thing.
‘’Aw, Bonnie, just like when you were my little baby. Crying in your sleep.’’ He picks up my head and puts it in his arms. I lay against him until I fall asleep, and he leaves.
                 But I couldn’t sleep. It all made sense. The slammed door. The cell phone. I lay on my side, reviewing past days.
‘’ You’re wasting our money, Arnold!’’ My mom would holler. My dad would holler something I couldn’t make out.  Wasting our money on WHAT??
It was like that for many nights. The cell phone. It was my dad, texting my mom.
Not saying I love you and I’ll see you soon.
Tears sting. What if they get a divorce? As usual, my parents interrupted my thoughts.
‘’ Lindsey I lost my job,’’ My dad said in his normally deep, soothing ,voice. Now it was shaky and didn’t give me confidence that ‘everything’d be alright’.
I couldn’t bear it. I cried more. How could I not. All of a sudden, I was interested in my mom’s argument. I went near my door, and pressed my ear against the door.
‘’ Oh, oh Arnold,’’ My mom said. I couldn’t listen. I couldn’t. I couldn’t. What do you do when your partner in crime has problems of their own? Is it normal to feel like  everything’s NOT gonna be alright? I drifted into an uncomfortable, insecure,  sad, longing sleep.

 I sulk to school, but I don’t want my mom to know how I’d heard. One say of it and my mom’s whole face shape changed. She’s alwaysed looked like she’s twinkling, but today she looks like if you say something too loud, she’ll break. That’s just not my mom. That’s not Mom.
‘’Bye, Honey,’’ My mother says, holding two fingers out to start our handshake out. But I don’t feel like  doing the handshake. My mom looks hurt, but I waggle my fingers at her without a backwards glance.  She drives off anyway, and with a pang I wished I’d said goodbye. Too late now.
       I crane my neck over a couple of other people to search for Natasha. I squeeze into a crowd, then while I get pushed on the floor by a jock ( oh this isn’t the last he’s seen of THIS little sixth grader) I see her pink ballet flats. I glare up at the jock, jab my pointy elbow into his stomach as far into it as It can go, and I walk away with my head high.
‘’ Mrs. O’ Neil! Mrs. O’ Neil!’’ The jock says, looking absolutely perfect.
‘’Yes, Thomas,’’
Thomas. I needed to remember that name. Nobody pushes Bernadette around.
‘’ She hurt me,’’ I don’t giggle but I try my hardest not to. He sounds like a whiney first grader.
I widen my eyes to  make them look as big and adorable as possible.
‘’ Now Thomas Adams, what could this little darling do to hurt you? I’m ashamed that you tried to get her in trouble.’’ She scolds, walking off.
 I think of looking at him triumphantly, but he looks mad. I could be in serious hot water.
‘’I’m sorry,’’ I manage to say quietly.
He softens, and even lets out a chuckle. ‘’Little 6th grader,’’ He says, chuckling. He gives me a playful slap on the back of my head. Now I could give him my triumphant glare. I give it to him, then stick my nose a little higher in the air and walk off fast before he can hurt me.
‘’Woah, Bonnie, what happened back there?” Natasha asks me as I finally am near her. She eyes the jock—Thomas Adams—up and down.
‘’ Well, he shoved me, so I put my elbow into his stomach and he got mad and tattle-taled on me. I got out of it fast,’’ I say, shaking and still scared of the eighth grader on the inside.
‘’ You’re so brave, Bonnie!”
I think back about last night…no I’m not. But I smile and shrug instead. Should I tell Natasha? Hmm…..
                 I looked at Bonnie closely. What was the matter with her? It was only 10:35 and she changed completely. She refused to dance or even talk. She wouldn’t budge.
‘’ Come on, Bonnie, what’s the matter?”
No reply.
‘’Bonnnieeeeeeee.’’ I whine.  Where was the sparkly, bubbly, excited girl who I had met not too long ago? Maybe I have a way to cheer her up. I got my lunchbox (well, I made several attempts. I had to try many times not to get squashed by the people. My final way was sticking to the wall. No one stayed by the wall. ) and pulled out a yellow envelope with a bunch of flowers on it.
‘’Here you go. My eleventh birthday is coming up and I thought you’d might want to come. It’s on the fourteenth of November.’’
I hand her the envelope, expecting Bonnie to light up and explode in her excited way of exploding about things. Instead, she blandly put the envelope in her lunchbox.
It was this way almost all lunch. On the fortieth time  I asked her, she looked at me and really hollered, ‘’I’m okay, already! Would you quit asking me? It’s none of your business, nosey! STAY IN YOUR LIFE, NOT MINE, OKAY?!”
                      I take steps back, stung. A couple of people were looking at me and Bonnie. I glared at all of them and found my way near a crowd. Unfortunately, the crowd was quite annoying. This one was a seventh grade group of girly girls. I’m a girly-girl, too, but I don’t draw attention to myself on purpose. They were talking about some boy named Bradien Smith and another one named Thomas Adams. Thomas Adams, where had I heard that name? I didn’t care- but I did. I hate it when I can’t quite put my finger on something.  They start talking about some reality TV show I’ve never heard of, and it gets to the point that I can’t bear it anymore.
I turn around, facing the street. Cars zoom by, making my hair fly and my skirt lift up a little. I anxiously cover it.
     Lunch was the hardest. I wasn’t sitting next to Bonnie. I wasn’t like that. There were NO empty seats though. This was completely different from  my old school.  So I finally found a place to put my tray: on the window seat of the girls’ bathroom. It was disgusting and I knew I probably wasn’t allowed to eat in there, but I threw out all my food when I was done and didn’t leave a trace. But when I was done I didn’t feel like leaving yet: what was the point? All that would happen was that I’d get snubbed by other students who had friends to sit next to. I look out the window. I should’ve known Bonnie would just be mean to me..or was that just sadness talking? Even if it was, sadness could be rude sometimes in my opinion.
              So for the next 15 minutes I puzzled over what made Bonnie  so mad…or sad? I was confused. I hadn’t done ANYTHING to hurt her in any way, so why was she so rude?
 But I wasn’t about to ask her.
School soon passed, and luckily there wasn’t dance today. If I had to face Bonnie again it would be too soon. When I finished all my homework it was around 5:00, so I went straight up to my room. It was small, and I sat on my bed staring out the window. I saw the sun slowly hide behind the trees, then I saw the moon rise, and then I saw stars appear.
        I stared out, as the saying about stars being like friends comes to my mind.  My mind quickly wanders to Bonnie, and I rack my brain to get any thoughts of her out, but it’s hard. It’s already time for her to come to my mind. I sigh wearily. I tackle her in my mind, unwrapping her arms from around me in a headlock as she screams out something at me.
 Bonnie isn’t like that…..what am I thinking? She’s just moody. I hit my ear to get her out of my mind, but it’s impossible.  Bonnie seemed to be my best friend, but obviously the feeling wasn’t double sided because she said for me to get out of her life.
Who could I ask for help? My mom? No. She was unreliable….she was my mom—well yeah—but she wasn’t the best for advice. The person on the other side was always right. So I decided to ask mom if I could go to the dance studio—dancing always helps me cool off, and the studio’s always open.
‘’ Sure, if you want. I’ll take you in ten minutes but right now you need to eat lunch.’’
‘’Sure, ‘’ I say, going to the table.

      We  stand outside of some random girl’s door with a gift basket.  Actually, my mom stands. I hide under bushes. I tug on my wavy blonde hair.
‘’ Mo—om!”
She whips around, lighting fast. Her blonde hair swings behind her. It’s lighter, more of a golden shade than my dirty blonde hair that’s curly. Her’s is  curled at the tips unnaturally .
Why does my mom have to be so friendly?
My tanned arms wriggle to get behind the bush so the lady answering the door doesn’t see me.  A woman with brown hair, and pale skin. She reminds me of this girl in my class- Vonnie, Connie?
My mom flashes her glittering smile, and the lady looks a little scared. In fact, she looks weary, but pretty. Like a piece of dirty laundry compared to my vibrant twinkly mom. I sense a bit of competition.
‘’ Well He-LLO, Jay! I heard you moved into the neighborhood.’’
My mom freezes, stricken. Who had been talking about her behind her back? This posture doesn’t last long. She straightens as if someone whacked her with a ruler on her back. With another smile, she hands the gift basket to the woman.
‘’ And I heard that…’’ My mother trails off.  Something happened to this LADY? That explains her worn appearance.
Now it’s this lady—name?—‘s turn to freeze. My mom flips her hair. ‘’ Have a nice. Day.’’
She whips around triumphantly with another poisonous smile at ‘Miss Lindsey.’ I had finally learned her name. Why’d my mom do that?
‘’ Do you know eachother?” I ask, staring up at my mother.
‘’Mhm.’’ My mom mumbles.
    So we hopped back in the car, an irritated-mom mood hovering in the air in the car. Uh oh.   This is never good. My green blue eyes flicker over the windshield to see that we’ve just ran a red light. Unfortunately, there was a cop right near us.
‘’ Ma’m, you just ran that light.’’
‘’ Yes’ir, I know.’’ She lowers her head, probably expecting a ticket for a LOT of money.
The officer clears his throat. ‘’I’ll let you off this time, ma’m. But the next time..’ He tries to keep his straight police officer face but he chuckles instead, walking off. My mom’s shaky hands grip the wheel and I smile.

‘’Wow, mom.’’

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A story i'm working on

Hi, it's Jane here. So i've been working on a story called 'It takes two(to dance a duet)' I'm thinking of a different title because this one seems to be sending the wrong message. So here it is:
              I love to dance. Even when I’m doing something as simple as a leap, I’m a goner. It helps me cool off, and I’ve been doing it since I was 2. Whenever I think about it, it clears my mind.  But now, that all might change.
          My pink ballet flat steps onto the cold cement sidewalk. It’s a chilly September morning, and my mom blows me a kiss as a shaking me takes her first few steps onto middle school grounds.
‘’ Love you Natasha! Have fun!”
 I wave nervously back.  My mouth is dry so I can’t say I love you back, but she zooms off anyway, satisfied. I stand there feelings like an abandoned puppy. My skin is paling from nervousness. Not that I’m not pale already.  I wrap my black blazer around me. My black skirt barely covers my shaking knees.  The sound of chatter stings me like a dart , waking me out of my dreams of dance.
         I whip around, my dark brown hair flying, following me around.  I see a group of about 3 girls, all with thick blonde hair, heavy makeup, and I notice that they’re not wearing the uniform.  I feel like a deer in headlights. I freeze. They howl with laughter.
‘’ Uniform? You actually agreed to wearing it?”
 I turn around blindly. I clutch my lunchbox.  I see a girl with one similar to mine , walking up to where I am. The way it worked was if you went to the same school, you were in one group. No one else from my school came to my middle school, so I stood alone.  The girl had brown eyes, ginger hair, and she looked liked she danced….but not ballet, like me.
‘’I-I’m Natasha,’’ I say.
‘’Bonnie,’’ She answers stiffly.  She was wearing the same uniform as me, and her curly ginger hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall.  All of a sudden the eighth graders rush inside like milk. Seventh graders, then the tiny sixth graders like Bonnie and I toddle in awkwardly.
  I’m very confused as to where my class is,  but I was glad that most of my classes were on the first floor.  Bonnie was pretty nice about helping me find my class- she had been in the school a lot of times before because her brother Oliver is in eighth grade. I didn’t know anybody’s in my class’ name, except for Bonnie. She didn’t know anyone either, because she had come from some school in Long Island. I lived in Flushing, where my school was. We have an early lunch ‘ because we’re the babies’ as my mom and teacher described it, we have it 10:35. 
                     Lunch was crazy.  The cafeteria was huge, and I put my lunchbox  down at a corner table. Bonnie surprisingly put hers next to mine. So I decided to bring up a question.
‘’ So, Bonnie, what do you like do to?”
‘’ Well,’’ She starts. ‘’I dance.’’
‘’ What kind?”
‘’ Modern and a touch of lyrical,’’ She answers, taking a bite of her sandwich.
‘’Oh, I do ballet,’’ I say.
‘’Where do you take dance?” I ask.
‘’Stardance,’’ She replies. My eyes widen.
‘’Me, too!”
‘’No way!” She says, putting her sandwich down. She smiles, and it’s the first one I’ve seen. It’s very pretty. She doesn’t have  braces.
‘’ So are you coming to the meeting this Saturday? They’re announcing when the recital and dress rehearsal is, and they’re announcing if there are any solos, duets, or triples!” I say excitedly.
‘’ I had no idea about that! When is it?” She says, turning to face me.
‘’ This Saturday,’’ I say. The lunch aid hollers for us to get in a line so we can go outside.
Bonnie and I get into a line, chattering about past recital costumes, and funny before-recital fiascos.  It’s funny, I think. I’ve only known her for about 2 hours, and suddenly she’s like a best friend!
   When we get outside, although the playground is awfully huge, we find a quiet corner and decide to show eachother moves. I show her a pirouette, and she shows me a boxy move I have no idea what it’s called.    So then we do a little choreography together- we manage to do something together- I do a pirouette while she’s behind me doing a very pretty lyrical move that makes it look like she’s falling but she gets back up on her toes.
‘’ It was such a good day!” I say, falling on the couch. ‘’ I made a friend who goes to the same dance studio as me!”
‘’ Hmm? What’s her name?’’
‘’Bonnie. Her real name is Bernadette, though. She hates it. She takes lyrical and modern.’’
‘’Very nice,’’ My mom raises her eyebrows and inclines her head, giving my new friend her official stamp of approval.
              So the week came and went, and me and Bonnie were very good friends. Saturday finally came, and when my mom dropped me off at the studio, I saw Bonnie sitting on the chair across from the head dance teacher’s husband. They run it together. Last year he proposed to her. It’s nice. I breathe a sigh of relief. I thought Bonnie wouldn’t come. But it turns out they didn’t even start.  I hop on the stool next to her.
‘’ Bonnie!” I say.
‘’Hey Nat!” She says back, rushing to greet me. I smile and go into the studio to show her some moves I’ve been dying to show her.
     I show her them, then she shows me some moves.
‘’Wow, you’re good!”
‘’Thanks,’’ She blushes, her cheeks turning the shade of  wild red her hair has turned. Mood-hair, I suppose?
             Everyone eventually came, but me and Bonnie stuck close together. The head teacher, Miss Clara, announced something I never thought I’d hear.
‘’ Bonnie and Natasha, doing a duet. You two will be doing , Future.  Bonnie plays the future, Natasha, you play the past.’’ She beams at us.  I beam back, and I look over at Bonnie, she gives me a look. I return the look with a raised eyebrow.
‘’So do you accept the duet?”
‘’Yes, Miss Clara,’’ I reply immediately.
 Bonnie merely nods her head.
             Miss Clara said that our first practice would be in 2 days- a Monday afternoon at 5:30. We would have to practice with our costumes, because they played a big part in the dance. We both agreed to get the money by the following Friday after that Monday.
               So Monday came again- and I learned that the 5 girls I saw at the first day of school got detention for not wearing the uniform. In fact, I saw them inside the principal’s office when I went in to get my lunchbox. They sneered at me ( all three, in unison! How do they do that?), but they couldn’t even bother me when I realized they were sneering at ME when THEY were in the principal’s office.  I knew that now that I was in middle school, having a lunchbox was babyish, but at the same time I didn’t want to let them effect my decisions on what I was going to do. When I told Bonnie, she agreed.
‘’They’re just idiots that you have to deal with- they’re laughing at you now, but think, who’s gonna be the youngest one in school next year? That’s right, them.’’
 Bonnie’s pep talk made me feel good, like a slap on the back that massages that little muscle, or cool water going on your face when you’re not expecting it. I nod . Bonnie was right. They were in no place, even if they’re older than us. Even though I nod, I still have doubt.
‘’Are all eighth graders like that?” I say quietly. I look around me. This is like being an ice cube, trapped in a realm of fire.
‘’ No way!” Bonnie says. I’m not sure if she’s talking about my question, or is she exclaiming like that in response to the food fight between 7 eighth graders in front of us. She turns to me.
‘’ My brother can be a real doof sometimes, but he wouldn’t make you feel like a loser if he wasn’t mad at you.’’
‘’ I guess….but the majority of eighth graders looks like such….stupid people. Like,’’ I say, looking for words to explain.  ‘’ If you start a food fight, you know you’re going to get in trouble. And who would want that?” I say, confused.
‘’ Nat, it’s just like this: They. Want . Attention. Their mothers and fathers probably don’t care.’’
I shrug.

          So that was our conversation. That day was practice, so me and Bonnie would see eachother again to practice Future. 
'' Bonnie, come on! You're not getting this choreography.'' I whine wearily.
'' I can't help it if i don't dance BALLET,'' She says stubbornly.
''Come on, it's pirouette, pirouette pirouette, point, leap, leap, and fall. You've got the pirouette part down!"
I say. ''Let's try it again.''
     Future is a dramatic peice, with a dramatic classical peice in the beginnning, then after a couple of big clashes of symbols, we fall and that's where Future comes in, and we do a modern-style dance with a lot of complicated moves. Our costumes are cool. For the first part i wear a white sundress and sparkly black gloves, and the background is black, and for that part Bonnie plays my shadow. When we fall, Bonnie falls behind me and takes off her black bodysuit, revealing a vibrant paint-splattered shirt with metallic silver pants and blue techno glasses.
'' Fine,'' She says, and gets up from her crouching position.
''A one-two-three and pirouette, pirouette, pirouette point, leap leap, fall,'' I say.
''That was perfect, guys! Let's work on the modern part of it.'' Miss Clara says, clapping her hands. 
''Okay, so you're gonna jerk your elbow to the left with your left, then same to right.'' It feels weird learning a type of dance i've never learned before. But i have to , because in this part of the dance Bonnie is in front and i'm behind. I look in the mirror and see Bonnie watching me. She didn't have to learn this peice. I make a face at her, but do the moves. 
''Okay,so now you're gonna jerk them out at the same time, bring them above your head, and fall back into a bridge.''
I try the bridge, but fail miserably and bump my head on the ground.
''I can't do this,'' I mumble.
''Yes you can,'' Miss Clara says sternly, heling me up. ''You're a dancer. I know you can.''
Those were the only words i needed to hear.

MakeupModeling Pic

 Hi, it's Jane here....                                                                                                      11/10/13
 So as i was chosen for round 1 in makeupmodeling, i was asked to take a picture of the doll who inspires me the most on Stardoll.

My inspiration?: My best friend, AjHeart1234
Pic :

I hope you like it!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dear Jane letters

                    Dear Jane,
I want to start a blog but have NO idea how!!! Also,I can't find a fitting name or design of the sight! Not to forget the theme! Can you help me?
Dear Clueless,
       Darling, the site you are on is a blogging site! Need more help? Please visit my friend, Mrs.Google. She will have information with you ready.  Now, the name and design is up to you. The  name should reflect the theme, and the theme should be something you would be okay with writing aboiut constantly, and the design should reflect your personality. Thanks for your question, i hoped i helped.
( Oh by the way, i might add a verse if the topic is something serious. If it's something like 'i left my glasses in the bathroom and they fell and broke what should i do' then i probably will not)
                                                                                                                       -Jane Blogger
                                    Here is what i MAY look like( research me and you will find out):

So is it me?Find out in my next blog.

            Hello again! Jane here. So i have noticed that my readers might be getting bored with my blogs. Well, there's a big reveal today!!!!

           I am looking for TWO other bloggers who will fit the bill. They will be reporters for my blog. So, i'm wondering; how can i get other writers on? Well, i'll do some research on blogspot and see what i can brainstorm. The reporter must.........
1. They can write about their opinion on the topic given to write about, but please do not target anyone who disagrees with you.(comments, etc.)
2. Not too serious/goofy
3. Must be acceptable writers.

       So i am taking appilications if you would like the job. Please send me a link to maybe another blogging site, a sharetext, or even a Word document if possible. If not, just comment! :)

          Also, Jane Blogger(me, myself, I) would like to announce that there is an advice coloumn starting, as well as a weekly fashion pick. I will try to balance my blogs, but if i cannot i might as well drop one (most likely the advice coloumn or fashion pick. The main reason of the site is to be a reporting/feelings site.Plus, i do not think i can give any more information on me. Sorry for the let-down!)
             I'm very sorry to anyone who enjoyed reading this. I cannot give any more information about myself, and if you have questions you want answered about me, just post them in a comment below!
                       Thank you so very much, have a wonderful day.

                                                                                                          - Jane Blogger

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Anything Blog is going private

              Hi everybody. It's obviously Jane. I realized that probably nobody is reading this, so i figured i should just keep this as a private blog- all to myself. But i'm not talking about really personal things because someone might dig up this site and read all of it and that would be a disaster!!
 So every week i'll be releasing some more information about me.
So here's the information:
I'm an avid stardoll player. I've been on since March 2012. My username is lolfacehknerd. You can friend me. If you find me tell me that you heard of me through my blog in my guestbook and i'll get you a gift.
So i've been thinking......what should my next post be about?

Next Post........Coming very soon!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The First Post of the Blog--How exciting!

 Hi, my name is Jane. Well, i'll  be using it for now until i feel comfortable with using my real name. I just created this new blog to talk about anything and everything. It's supposed to be ''for girls onlly'' but whatever. Please don't make any snide comments in the box below...Please. If you have a problem get out with it and i will kindly delete it right after i reply saying thank you for your opinion.  

            So, now that i have started my blog, i'm not really sure what to write about. I want to know more about my readers, in order to know what to write about. So, in order to do that, i have posted some questions below that you could send me a link to a sharetext post or something......
but please answer!
1. What's your dream job?
2. Do you have a blog?
3. What do you think my next post should be about? 

                I know they're cheesy and whatever, but i think that I like them, and i think that it will make it easier for me to write. In case you didn't know, here are some facts about me:
1. I am a writer, dancer, actress, reader, and in some people's opinion, an overacheiver.
2. I love the: teens, 50's,60's,70's,80's, and 90's. I'm not so sure about some things in today's world.
3. I was born in August.
4. My favorite color is pink.
5. I'm starting this blog because i can share problems with others ( to get advice, not to burden ya'll)and see different ways of coping with things.
6. I'm not going to give a lot of personal information other than my interests, month of birth, and other things such as preferances in style types and stuff like that.
8. I'm a girl.
9.  I'm a christian.
10. I have nothing else to say, but it drives me crazy when someone stios at like 9( another thing you should know about me)

    I love to do things like this, and other things like surveys, debates (opinions), and advice coloumns. 
I spell things the british way just because i love the way it sounds when you read it for the first time:(Paycheck: paycheque, color:colour,gray:grey, etc.)
 So, i hoped you liked finding more about me.Oh, and by the way, if you comment about facts about me with negitivity, then i'll gladly inform you that i would never trade my place with anybody else. Thanks for reading!!Check in soon......
                                                                                      -Jane Blogger